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Author Topic: Nov 17, 2013 - Widtsköfle Slott - Bäckaskogs slott - SWEDEN  (Read 600 times)

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Nov 17, 2013 - Widtsköfle Slott - Bäckaskogs slott - SWEDEN
« on: November 20, 2013, 02:59:25 pm »
 November 17, 2013 - Widtsköfle Slott - Bäckaskogs slott
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 Unexpected and beautiful sunny day , a clear sky , a wonderful light , which is typical at these latitudes and in this period . 10 degrees and not a breath of wind, in short, one of those days that here you have to take the fly and take the opportunity to make probably one of the latest releases in motion before it reaches the snow and ice ! I prepare everything you need for a picnic on the road, including a delicious and hearty slice of apple pies received the night before from a friend of mine and the inevitable coffee . I leave the city to walk towards Ystad and then veer towards the castle of Svaneholms through the beautiful woods . Here autumn still stands with its magnificent colors but the most trees have lost all their foliage . Only those trees " evergreen " resist the first signs of winter and with their deep green color stand out in a particular way among all the vegetation . The air is cool and crisp , and despite the 10 degrees for most of the journey I open the visor of his helmet deep breaths . This is a fairly famous for the breeding of horses. Many are grazing and running fast as I passed , but one that strikes my attention enough to stop me. It is a very nice colt lounging lazily in the sun crouched like a dog ! Really unusual. Not even the engine noise distracts him , so as to " not even bother to take a look !" After a nice walk through the fields I come to my first destination , the picturesque castle of Widtsköfle http://www.widtskofleab.com/ which is one of the largest and best-preserved Renaissance castles of Skania with more than 100 rooms and now a private residence Stjernsward of the current owners. The low light and lack of wind reflect the castle in the clear and calm waters surrounding the moat, a truly amazing . On one of the piers overlooking the castle take the opportunity to have lunch and then finish with a flourish with apple pie and coffee. It starts north again near Kristianstad towards the large lake where Ivö on its banks is another enchanting and majestic castle to Bäckaskogs http://www.backaskogslott.se/ . The oldest part of the building dates back to 1200 on the site of an ancient monastery and then transformed into a fortress . The castle is surrounded by a huge park with old trees . Wonderful views of the lake from either side of the castle. The sun almost at sunset illuminates a warm light the ancient castle , enhancing the colors and making this place even more enchanting . I spend the last moments on the shores of the lake where the blue of the water merges with the blue sky surrounded by a silence that opens the soul and shakes you up inside. at the next

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