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Author Topic: 28 Dec. 2013 - Sicily in my heart - Italy  (Read 720 times)

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28 Dec. 2013 - Sicily in my heart - Italy
« on: January 11, 2014, 04:49:46 pm »
ALL PHOTOS ON www.francescoinviaggio.it - SICILY ON THE ROAD in 2013
 After this summer I really really want the scents and colors of my beautiful Sicily . I could not give me a day on the road . Aided by a beautiful sunny day in this land where winter is only in words , and thanks to my dear friend that my Vittorio has provided his bike, I take this opportunity for a classic journey through the landscapes, roads and small towns Sicilian hinterland . Just a few miles to leave the chaos of the city of Palermo and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the countryside. From the top on the way to Alton a beautiful view of the city and on what is known as the valley of gold at one time completely surrounded by citrus groves as far as the eye they have done now in place sad and bleak apartment blocks . Just turn the nose of my bike on the other side and that's the magic back to Sicily, which I love. Hills, plains , mountains, valleys covered with fresh grass , fragrant. The colors are brighter, that winter seems almost spring. The cool, crisp air invites you to take a deep breath to savor the unique aroma of this land. The road runs slowly , the bike seems to follow her on her own. Unable to run, would lose all the beauty of my surroundings . In short, I come to the ancient hunting residence of the Bourbon king , Ficuzza with its splendid palace. A brief stop and then continue on the path until you reach SS188 in Corleone, known by many in the world and for the facts related to the Sicilian Mafia but in reality ie ' a small trove of works of art , churches and convents , and a history old. Running through the narrow streets of the historic center until you reach near the cliff where you can enjoy a nice view of this beautiful country sadly past the headlines for the facts and people who do not represent the heart and soul of the Sicilians , but which must only be ashamed and make sure that we can find the right ransom that Sicily and its people deserve. I leave Corleone , continuing on the same road until you reach another magnificent country , Prizzi well known for the colorful festival of dance and folklore of the Devils of the Easter period . The narrow streets of the old town in another climb to the ruins of the castle. Parking the bike before a small church in the sixteenth century. There are preparations for a live nativity scene and just to have a camera in hand and the appearance of tourists who come immediately greeted by what is the Sicilian hospitality . Pasquale , George, Paul and little Dominic engaged in the preparation of mulled wine for the evening and some Sicilian delicacies to offer to the public of the evening, will bend over backwards to show me around the crib, give me at all costs a glass of wine it is impossible to refuse , and even procure the keys of the old castle tower for a "private" visit ! Reluctantly leave the country if not before a quick stop at the bar just outside the town for something to eat quickly is to have a chat with the nice old lady who runs it and he told me a bit ' the difficulties faced due to the crisis. A small deviation leads me to continue my day to Juliana. On the way to meet countless herds of sheep with their white color stand out in the lush green meadows. The road is beautiful , the sun begins to be low and a wonderful light , warm lights of immense my beautiful Sicily. I come in Sambuca di Sicilia right in front of the mother church , now the sun at sunset colors of orange the main course with its old mansions . I can not stop to buy a classic dessert of the country, " minni re virgins " a true delicacy . After a coffee and ' time to return home . 624 on the sun and ' almost over , the last rays illuminate the highest hills . A sweet return to Sicily in the heart and a lot, a lot, too many indescribable emotions. at the next


















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Re: 28 Dec. 2013 - Sicily in my heart - Italy
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2014, 05:03:33 pm »
You maka me Jealous seriously Jealous .Thanks really nice and the pics are Awsome. :ricky: