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Author Topic: Where do SANRAL get our details from?  (Read 7537 times)

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Re: Where do SANRAL get our details from?
« Reply #20 on: March 05, 2014, 11:57:31 am »
ok slowly this time I bought a starter pack Vodacom for my android I did not need to provide a motor vehicle registration number  in order to purchase the said starter pack . One month old (the starter pack) and I receive  an invoice  and a threat of legal action if I don't pay. All they have is cell number and Rica info. ??( like explaining to the Russians to leave Crimea before they get their asses handed to them )

Think you are in the wrong thread. We are not talking about general debt collection. We are talking about Sanral getting our contact details. Postal address to be more specific.  Who is the "they" you are referring to?

Never heard of Sanral just sending a threat to a mobile phone without linking it to a value or invoice. IOW they have your mobile number number linked to a vehicle registration.

something that also seems to be happening quite a lot, is the following scenario:
I have vehicle X and you have vehicle Y
Vehicle Y has a cell nr coupled to it
You, the owner of Vehicle Y have cancelled your cell contract and are using the e-toll roads
That cell number has since been allocated to me
I get threatened by Sanral for your e-toll debt

These cases I would just ignore, as Sanral does not have my name, but has your name

Yup Hello Peter triggered a response from Sanral . They confirmed they have no name attached to the "invoice" only a cell number ???? . It is obviously  a  concern for them as they are taking it seriously  and have escalated the issue as there are no names attached just a cell number  . Lets see what happens
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Re: Where do SANRAL get our details from?
« Reply #21 on: March 06, 2014, 11:25:12 am »
When I got a call from the VPC, they told me they got my details from e-Natis.

and according to POPI that may no longer happen... data must be kept confidential even between state owned entities.
Love the way they make legislation that bites back sometimes. >:D