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Author Topic: March 12, 2014 - Ljungby Slott - Torsebro Krutbruk - Rya kyrkoruin - Vrams Gunna  (Read 673 times)

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March 12, 2014 - Ljungby Slott - Torsebro Krutbruk - Rya kyrkoruin - Vrams Gunnarstorps Slott
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Temperatures unusual for Sweden this season. Within a week a magnificent sun warms the hearts of the Swedes . Blue sky , no wind , crisp air and temperatures from 13 to 16 degrees. I headed to Höör and then point to the north- east through a wide forest area rich in vegetation, charming lakes, castles and homes of your dreams, small ponds and fantastic off-road in the middle of the Swedish nature . These include a beautiful forest crossed by a stream whose waters flow over the lake Bosarpa . Someone has built on the shore of the small bases where to turn on the stove and maybe a nice grilled , leaving even the wooden chairs to sit quietly to enjoy the magnificent view. Shortly after along the way a picturesque stone bridge crosses the creek another . I come to short on the shores of a small lake the other Nävlinge , a fantastic castle on the opposite side to Hovesholms http://www.algonet.se/ ~ sylve_a / ovesholm.htm originally known as Träne and built in 1700 in the French style . On this side of the lake in a large barn and an old distillery with a masonry facade in medieval style. While I am in the vicinity of the distillery to peek inside , I get a big jeep from which descends a well distinguished gentleman , dressed with elegance and refined manners . He says he is checking everything. At first I do not understand but then talking a little ' tells me that lately there's an arsonist who wanders around here and set fire to several buildings in the area , including a part of the castle , but soon realizes that are of no danger and you end up chatting a bit ' of the bike , travel and Sicily. When asked where she lived with a nod I indicates the castle. I assume it was the Count Raoul Hamilton the current owner ! Allotment to Kristianstad and after a short detour to the castle of June Trolle - Ljungby http://www.algonet.se/ ~ sylve_a / troljung.htm . It represents one of the most beautiful buildings in the Renaissance style Christian IV . At the castle is linked to the legend of Ljungby horn and pipe. Built in 1629 on the foundations of an earlier castle in 1525 , its garden is one of the most beautiful Skania , mentioned already in 1749 by Linne during his trip to this part of Sweden. Unfortunately it is only open between June and August , this reason to come back again . I take this opportunity to quickly eat a sandwich and start towards the north at about 20 km. I come in at short Torsebro Krutbruk , who represented Sweden in the center of the production of gunpowder during the war between Sweden and Denmark. It was built in 1682 by Charles XI and Swedish troops to provide to the fortified city of Kristianstad and Karlskrona gunpowder . The plant was equipped with large defenses and with thick walls and a force of 20 men permanently to defend the site . For a number of years has produced 4,200 kg of powder per year to reach in 1870 to more than 7200 . Around a small village of old houses where peasants lived and the people who worked at the site and a little south of the mill there is an arched stone bridge of four spans of 1830. Inside the buildings where the gunpowder was collected and can still read the graffiti dating back to that period . Really very interesting. Through the woods yet , and large areas of green Balinge to the lake , where I stop for a coffee with my mocha and gas cooker . What a pleasure! Yet forests, lakes and small farms where the spring is peeking shyly brushing color meadows with many small flowers. I come to the ruins of the picturesque church of Rya built towards the end of 1100. The granite walls are spending more than a meter and its ruins placed on top of a hill surrounded by a bucolic landscape make it a delightful place . The sun begins to set , and soon after I arrive in the magnificent castle of Vrams Gunnarstorps http://www.algonet.se/ ~ sylve_a / vramsgun.htm illuminated by a light fantastic . The castle built in 1633, consists of four wings around a courtyard does not have a moat and in the north of the castle is the famous park consists of box hedges in 1600 and very close to the Deer Park with its imposing stone walls two meters high and three kilometers long . Unfortunately, an ordinance of the region has been closed to visitors to the castle date to be determined by the presence in dangerous amounts of a poisonous mushroom right in between the hedges , even though the sign itself, says that in 400 years of history has never been no problem, but that the prohibition is still observed. I have to give just a peek outside and with this for today are two castles to which I will return for a thorough examination , even with all the little family . Allotment in a southerly direction towards home. The sunset over the sea is a sight and forces me to stop several times . A huge flock of birds circling in the sky red. The sun slowly descends and almost as if to show me the way. I love sunsets, I follow it until you reach the sea , just in time to see him disappear behind an old crane on the port . What a treat. at the next

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