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Author Topic: clutch slip after trailering!  (Read 276 times)

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clutch slip after trailering!
« on: March 24, 2014, 08:00:33 am »
Just a heads up to check if you have the same

long stroy square, ended up trailering the bikes to do a ride, took mine off the trailer, pulled off no clutch slip, got onto the open road and when i rolled on the clutch would slip-

obviously started speaking funny words to myself in my helmet, and having visions of letting all of us down by having a breakdown.

next stop and pull away no slip, next roll on no slip!  what the heck is going on here?

pull off no slip, roll on slip?  now what?

after a few times could not figure this out- and then went through the motions starting at the clutch lever- and then BAM - i saw the problem! 

the hand guard had moved and was just just touching the clutch lever so it was not abale to realease all the way. I straightened it out and no more slip- trip was back on!

so if you have the same check the hand guards first and see if your lever is not being interefered with by the hand guards. I checked the brake one and that was fine.
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