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Author Topic: Explorer vs Gs  (Read 4835 times)

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Re: Explorer vs Gs
« Reply #20 on: July 07, 2014, 07:55:16 am »
I had a '08 GS, the face lift with ESA etc.  a great bike for sure.  I bought an explorer to replace the GS.  A bit unfair to compare these 2 models as the Triumph is much newer, but here goes. 
On road, the Triumph is smoother, more powerful, shifts better and is more fuel efficient.  Ground clearance is not as good, or perhaps you find yourself pushing harder, as the pegs grind the tar much easier.  I've upgraded the front springs and this has helped with better feel but exposed a wallowy rear shock.  I've fiddled with the settings but an upgrade here would be good.  The standard GS suspension was ok, although little feel from the front.  The front would tend to go a little light a higher speeds, particularly on fast sweepers.  It is more forgiving if you do something stupid in a bend like hit the brakes.  The ride by wire on the explorer is great.  Some find it too light but it is very responsive.  The cruise control seemed a bit of a gimmick at first but is great on a long ride.
Off road, the GS was better.  The ESA with a little extra clearance made a difference and seems to soak up washboard type dirt roads better.  The triumph has an annoying traction control setting and is a fiddle to switch off.  You need to scroll through the menu to get to where you want to go.  Leaving it on causes the bike to bog down at the wrong time.  The abs will actually stop you on dirt!  Better switched off but same fiddling through the menu is required.  Slow going is a bit trickier on the explorer as the centre of gravity is higher but at speed on dirt roads, it goes well enough.  My first dirt road riding on the tex was following a mate of mine on his xt660 over some dirt passes in the cape.  Great fun chasing the smaller bike! If you are not going to do too much technical stuff, should be adequate.  My bike is a 2012 so has the mag wheel.
The bmw seemed a bit more solid than the triumph in certain areas.  The afore mentioned dealership options may be a consideration but it depends on what you want the bike to do.  Since I have other bikes, I can put up with some inconvenience. 

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Thanks Mello, that was the sort of reply i was looking for. I found on my previous Gs's that i could take them anywhere that the KTM's could go, just slower and abit more skill required. The answer seems the Gs is better all-round if you're only gonna have one bike. From my personal experience, the Tex would have to be very good to out handle a Gs on the road.

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Re: Explorer vs Gs
« Reply #21 on: July 07, 2014, 11:38:25 pm »

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Re: Explorer vs Gs
« Reply #22 on: July 08, 2014, 10:20:58 pm »
Honestly I think the explorer is much nicer looking.
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