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Author Topic: Thumpers; a triple and 3 midlife crises men through SA and Lesotho/China ...  (Read 7055 times)

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I’m starting this ride report on behalf of myself; Skolla and Baked Beans. They will add their own opinions/moments as we go on, and lots of pictures will follow…
I’m no priest or angel, but “praise the Lord” for being safely home – all of us!!

This is not about trying to convince you that this little story is the biggest accomplishment in biking the last 100yrs – no, neither can a amateur story or pictures really explain it – but, to me it was quite an experience, not necessarily in terms of biking, but more about life in general – especially in South Africa and Lesotho/ China B ….

It started off as an idea between me and Skolla to do a bit of riding this winter holiday  ::), while at the same time working in a visit to my elderly parents in Bethlehem, as well as a visit to his son in Richmond - Natal Midlands. A small “cheers” to GlenInk while passing Bastervoet was also on the cards  :(. The rest was left to the spur of the moment…  :eek7:

11 days later we’ve travelled 3275km through 5 provinces, as well as Lesotho and Transkei. We stayed 2 days/3 nights at both my parents and his son respectively, and did some local riding while there during the “off” days.
The bikes:
1.   Triumph 800XC (10 500km after trip)
2.   Suzuki DR650 (41200km after trip)
3.   Honda XR650L (20 300km after trip)

Bike problems:
DR stripped front sprocket 20km from destination on Day 4, late at night…  :snorting:
Triumph had 3 punctures on rear tyre - none connected to each other.  :snorting: :snorting: :snorting:
So, actually all 3 bikes behaved impeccably – Baked Beans himself is to be blamed for the sprocket  >:D, but I won’t say anything, as I also held my breath for my XR’s 20000 hard km old chain and sprockets…  :-[

What was bad?
Icy cold in places; rained dripping wet near Hogsback and then frozen up!!!
Icy stormy cross-winds for 100’s of kms from Hogsback to Jansenville…
Animals (especially goats); reckless local drivers  :patch:; road works; sewerage running down streets  :o; no logical system or pattern and severe poverty surrounding you for days on end!!

What was good?
We survived unscathed!
We probably saw some of the most beautiful places on earth!  :drif:
Camaraderie  :patch:!  Lots of laughs and partying around fires!   :lol8:


Here are just a few pics for tonight….

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Looks like a great ride

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Ja,dankie julle,wat n trip,alles het goed verloop tot die papwiele begin het,bly maar n geneuk om in grond te kruip,hulle moet n spare wheel verpligtend maak op non tubeless bikes :laughing4:.All and all a very good trip.Sani is alweer baie sleg los en gate gespin deur voertuie

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Very nice, looks very COLD aswell.

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Lekker julle  :thumleft:     Lyk of dit effens koel was op plekke  :)
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Day 1:

Leave George at 11:00 (Baked Beans was late  ::) ) - mostly gravel via Paardebont - Meiringspoort - Willowmore - Aberdeen and then tar to Graafreinet and Nieu Bethesda.
There we slept at the Backpackers, but as it is under reconstruction, the auntie gave us a room and a little flat...  :3some:
But first things first - they have a "cowboy" pub with a bonfire and lots of warming-up liquids  :snorting: The food wasn't very good, but it filled the empty stomachs.
Before bedtime - me and Skolla had a rally with a bit of "100 Pipers" .... :bueller:

The descriptions of the pics is hidden in the file-name...  O0

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Great ride amazing photo,s thank u for sharing

Offline XRRX

Great ride amazing photo,s thank u for sharing

Your avator is painfully true...  :biggrin:

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Lekker Skolla.  :thumleft:


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Dankie vir al die fotos en die RR. Ja-nee dit was beslis weer n lekker trip gewees. Die sprocket is my fout gewees. Seker tyd om te gaan na ongeveer 40000 km  ??? ???
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Thx Woody 1,ja nee ons ry darem nog so af en toe maar wereld is droog en van die gravel maar rof,gelukkig is ons veilig terug  :ricky:

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baie lekker trip, kerels

dankie vir die deel  :thumleft:

Julle het sopas nog enetjie op my bucket list bygevoeg wat ek dalk in die tydperk van eienaarskap van 'n 650 moet doen
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Day 2:

We "cracked up" early - the outside world frozen....  >:(
Loaded and started the bikes - well some of them...  :peepwall: The DR's 4yr old battery wasn't up yet - so we boiled water in the kettle, poured it over the engine and starter - and yes - she fired up...  :patch:
We started off with the 30k's gravel towards the Lootsbergpass; from here it was a looong day on tar  :dousing:
Breakfast was enjoyed at the KEG in Middelburg, and the rest was boooring tar and regular fuel stops with the XR's 10 l bucket...  ::)
We left Winburg with an early setting sun - had to dodge some road-closure obstacles and flew through "stop/go's", but very politefully !!! :snorting:
Arrived in Bethlehem just before 7 pm after about 700k's... We were met by hospitality only parents can provide, and enjoyed some cold ones over a chinese-braai...  :3some:
That night the 3 bikes cuddled up in my father's garage - with the Isuzu sleeping outside...  :-[
Luckily the majority of bikes in the garage were Honda's !!!  O0

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(That night the 3 bikes cuddled up in my father's garage - with the Isuzu sleeping outside... 
Luckily the majority of bikes in the garage were Honda's !!!) 

Eishhh .... I am sorry I didn't know you were here in Bethlehem ! I would have loved to have you over at my place. By the way, who is your father ?
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(That night the 3 bikes cuddled up in my father's garage - with the Isuzu sleeping outside... 
Luckily the majority of bikes in the garage were Honda's !!!) 

Eishhh .... I am sorry I didn't know you were here in Bethlehem ! I would have loved to have you over at my place. By the way, who is your father ?

Yes, a pity man - will pm you....  :(
And by the way - Bethlehem is definelately not as cold as many belief - we got clear confirmation on that fact on this trip!!  :deal: