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Author Topic: The Flying Brick Store are now distributors of the Tuff-Cases range of cases....  (Read 655 times)

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The Flying Brick Store are now distributors of the Tuff-Cases range of 'Pelican-type' cases...

Tuff cases are waterproof, shatterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosive and impact resistant.

There are 16 different sizes: the most popular size for the motorcycle 'number-plate' option is:

External Dimensions:
L249mm x W216mm x H115mm

Internal Dimensions:
L224mm x W162mm x H96mm

IP67 rating.

the model above, is around R400 per case.
the finish is fantastic, handle is rubberized, they are NOT plastic, but rather engineered resin and fiberglass

Black, Olive, Red and Yellow.

Double-Throw latch
Waterproof O-ring seal
Manual pressure relief valve
Rubber-wrap handle
Pre-cubed foam
Egg crate foam pad liner
High performance resin material (engineered resin), with fiberglass
Stainless hinge.

Chris & Team
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