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Author Topic: Thanks Bus & Vis Arende!!! - George to Knysna; De Vlugt: Callie Sidecar Ride ..  (Read 5196 times)

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Pardon me if I'm jumping the gun - but it was such a great day that I have to say something...  :pot:
The Arende & lots of other WD's will probably fill-in the detail - but from my side as mentioned in the subject line - thanks to Bus for the idea and organising, and thanks to the Arende for making it possible!!!  :thumleft: :thumleft:
I believe everybody had a great day and especially Callie !!!  O0
Was a real pleasure to meet everybody - although it's impossible to remember all the names!!!   :deal:
Just a few pics to get the ball rolling - as most attendees are still on holiday and not close to their internet set-ups....  :patch:

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Few more....

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So so cool!! Thank you for the pics!
And so so sad that I couldn't make it to the breakfast.
Many thanks to all of you who joined.
And especially the Visarende who got involved with this at the drop of a hat!
Everything just fell into place beautifully.
As if meant to be.
Cheers all
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Bunch of special people.

I just shed a tear (which helped clear my hangover)

Great initiative, Bus and the Visarende

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Excellent! Well done to all who took part in this.

So you see - Bus is not just a pretty face.

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Very cool all :ricky:

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Excellent! Well done to all who took part in this.

So you see - Bus is not just a pretty face butt.


Great initiative, and lovely to see all the places I recognize but sadly not visit this year.....
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Thx,almal,dit was n nice outing en ek glo Callie het dit geniet alhoewel ek dink sy lyf sal seker n bietjie styf wees vandag,en sh.t kan daai karretjie move  :biggrin:

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Lekker mense. :thumleft:


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Baie mooi , wel gedaan  :thumleft:
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« Reply #11 on: December 24, 2014, 12:21:19 pm »
Lekker man lekker.....!!
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Thanks aan almal vir 'n besondere dag en lekker ry. Sien julle volgende jaar weer daar  :thumleft:
...dis nooit te laat om n happy childhood te he nie !

Build a sidecar they said. It will be fun they said. Ja-nee !

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Darem 1 foto geneem...
En meer  vriende...
Wie het die pad duister geraak?
Foto,s  :ricky:
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I envy you guys living in that part of the world!!thks for sharing the experience

 :thumleft: :thumleft:

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Thanks aan almal vir 'n besondere dag en lekker ry. Sien julle volgende jaar weer daar  :thumleft:
Ja Jupiter, as I said . . . . .'n jaarlikse instelling.  :thumleft:
en dankie vir jou mooite en organiseering vir die dag.  :thumleft:
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.... :thumleft:
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Was a lekker idea and well done to all the dogs that took part! Pity that we could not ride with for longer but eventually got to Steylervile around 7 pm! Long day in the saddle! Will post a few pics I took when resized!

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Lekker okes.

vissie het daai kind van julle al hulp gekry  :imaposer: :imaposer: :imaposer:
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  • what a bony
was a good outing...nice to put faces to names on the forum.
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