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Author Topic: '07 GSA Clutch Replacement Advice Please  (Read 260 times)

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'07 GSA Clutch Replacement Advice Please
« on: March 18, 2015, 09:07:56 am »
Hi Guys

Need some help here please, so my above mentioned started it's playing/ slipping on 105K to the point the bike is no fun to ride, so parked and left to rest awhile.

Another Dog here on the forum then Generousely gave me a spare 2nd hand clutch system which I have managed to have relined with new friction plates for zero cost thanks to Some Awesome Family Members.

Now the fun, I wanna change it out myself, YEAH YEAH blah blah, I know there is experts, but unfortunately, they deserve to get paid for their knowledge and skills and at this stage I don't have the money for that,  so is there any special tools or tricks I should know about before attempting such a task?

I'm going to order the new stretch bolts.
New Uni boot
Possibley have my ABS pump serviced at same time
Been told I must replace seals on the clutch slave cylinder, BUT, if there is nothing wrong with it, Is it still a good idea to scratch where it isn't needed?
Anything Else?

This will be done over time, as and when Money and time allows. So Strip and see, wait for parts and money, do a bit more and so on.

Any assistance, advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Zane