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Author Topic: "Bursting" the rear Michelin on a 600km young 1200GS LC - final chapter.  (Read 23028 times)

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Summed up the way I see it

1. Puncture takes place
2. Fixed (correctly or poorly you choose)
3. Blow out
4. Bike damaged to a degree (minor IMHO)
5. High quote from BMW ensuring a write off, also ensuring no consequential come backs
6. BMW sell another bike to the same owner. WHOOP WHOOP (note the sarcasm)
7. Insurance take bike and fix it to recover most of costs
8. Unsuspecting second hand buyer gets "Demo bike" or alike
9. As per the above the premiums go up on BMW (all) bikes as per the high risk of write off.
10. Everyone happy!!!!!!

I have no problem with a genuine write off where there are no questions that its Fooked but some of the above points raise some serious questions and smell distinctly rotten!

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