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Author Topic: NEW: 3 GPS Cradles suitable for Amageza, Roof, extreme Enduro, etc...  (Read 706 times)

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The Flying Brick Store is now stocking and selling 3 different Billet-cut GPS mounts/cradles

all 3 are specifically designed to lock down onto the GPS unit, and are manufactured for extreme conditions, thus the Billet aluminium construction.

All 3 models have been used in race conditions, and have proven themselves.

1. Garmin EXTREX Cradle Mount, fits ETREX 10, ETREX 20* as well as ETREX 30, R1195, incl VAT, excl shipping
(* EXTREX 20 is c-u-r-r-e-n-t-l-y the prescribed GPS for the Amageza 2015)

2. Garmin OREGON Cradle Mount, R1395, incl VAT, excl shipping.

3. Garmin FORETREX 301 Cradle Mount, R995, incl VAT, excluding shipping.

The products are a work of art, AND strong, too - I get a kick out of selling an amazing product!
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