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Author Topic: TDT finds the "end" of the road in the Karoo & ended with a life-lesson!!!  (Read 5985 times)

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More Day 4 ...

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Day 4 nogsteeds ...

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Last few of Day 4 ...

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Sub :sip:

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Lekker lees ek nou ...  :thumleft:

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Day 5 see us leaving Sutherland - direction Koedoeskloof - Ladismith ...  :ricky:
We took the gravel through the "Moordenaars Karoo" for a few k's, before we turned left on a little "skelm" farm-road towards the Buffelsriver. Great route to take you to Laingsburg.
Here we enjoyed a welcome "brunch" at the Steers, before heading towards Ladismith. 20k's or so on the tar towards Seweweekspoort, we turned right onto the Anysberg gravel to Ladismith. When we reached the tar again, we took the Van Zylsdamme roundabout to Koedoeskloof. Veldtie was waiting for us - first a cold one, and then pitching of camp ... Then a "lekka"  shower in the very comfortable and clean ablution facility!  :thumleft: :thumleft:

And then we were ready for the game between the Boks & the US of A in Veldtie's bar ... We noticed a very suspicious looking KLR under a tree ...  :biggrin:
Before the game began, we met the owner/rider - the one and only McSack - all the way from Gauteng - on an epic tour - mostly by himself !  :thumleft: Great guy!!! :thumleft: Apparently he had a very looong day after meeting up with Schalk vd Merwe the previous evening ... - also at Koedoeskloof ... a Real pity we've missed Schalk and his interesting stories about Africa !!!

Needless to say - we had a great time - especially during the 2nd half when the Boks woke up !!  ::)
Much later we went to camp, as we've decided to "mo@r" all the left-over stock in our bags into one pot - wasn't bad at all ...  ::) ???

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More from Day 5 ....

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And more ...  ::)

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Last of Day 5 ...
What more do you need - watching the Boks winning with an excellent Landlord/Barman below the TV ...  :biggrin: :thumleft:

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 :-[ The very last of Day 5 ...

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Ja nee, dit was weereens n baie lekker trip gewees. Ek sal later n paar kiekies plaas.

@Shanti: Yes I have also a soft spot for the DR and all the thumpers out there. Mine has 50000 on the clock and still going strong. Agree, they belong on the dirt roads  :ricky:

O ja en aan my riding partners, baie dankie vir jul positiewe meelewing. Die geselskap maak die trip  :thumleft:
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Day 6 - final day - what an interesting "home-stretch" this would turn out to be !!
Veldtie & Debbie prepared a wonderful breakfast for us - thank you!!  :thumleft: As McSack was heading for Knysna, we decided to join forces and ride together to George. First a re-fuel in Ladismith, and then off to Vanwyksdorp. We rode through the town to show McSack some civilization  :peepwall: and serious traffic  :snorting:
Now the three original thumpers were all together, and in Vanwyksdorp we came upon the real original thumper - see pics ...  8) We had a quick cold one - it was getting hot!!
From here we headed to Herbertsdale via the Gourits - a blast of a ride!! In Herbertsdale - strangely enough for the first time we have ridden through here - we decided to have another quick beer at a small hidden bottle store. While standing there we were joined by some local "laaities" - one being a cowboy on a skateboard. One asked me as to which bike is the fastest - and obviously I pointed to my red XR - Ferrari red !!!  :peepwall: O0
To our amusement he got involved in some arguments with the rest to convince them the XR is indeed the fastest !!!  :thumleft: ;)
Then suddenly a small Kia Picanto pulled in with a friendly looking couple - and this is where the entire mood changed and the "laaities" disappeared one by one ... tbc

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En-route to Herbertsdale ...

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Baie nice manne, jissie hoe graag wil ek nou ry !!  :ricky: Sampie sal jou n lui gee as ek terug is in CBS, bietjie daai roete optrek vir n ander dag.
Ek oog n trip Verneuk pan toe maar sal wag tot herfs, sal jou op hoogte hou.
Whats the worst that can happen?!?!

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And then - When the little Kia parked between us, I noticed the man in the passenger seat had some signs of recent wounds in both arms. In the back there was a wheel chair and also some crutches. He immediately started talking to us through the open car window - eagerly enquiring about our trip; origin; destination and passionately about the bikes!!!
He introduced himself as Phillip and the lady driving the car as a good lady friend. Then he started to share his "amazing" story - the past 6 months of his life - Thursday 8 Oct being exactly 6 months since his horrific bike accident just outside of Herbertsdale in the first turns on the way to PetroSA.
Meanwhile the lady got out of the car, took out some crutches and helped Phillip out of the car - and getting him comfortable in a standing position against the car.
We were shocked at what we saw when he got out!! His right leg as been amputated just below the knee. On the side of the remaining part, there is all sorts of metal contraptions sticking into his leg -with a ratchet kind of thing joining everything together. Every morning he has to turn the ratchet until the femur breaks again - this is to stimulated extra growth or something - he also lost 10cm of the femur in the accident!!
Both arms where also broken extremely bad !!!

He has spent 180days in hospital !!! Thursday was 6 months after the accident and only 14days after his release from hospital. He was there to try and get peace with the accident and Herbertsdale.
Now we learned that he is a serious DS biker - with quite a few Africa and even World trips up his sleeve!!! His lady friend lost her husband in a bike accident too. Phillip was on a trip 6 months ago and was on his way to visit her in Mosselbay. He phoned her from Herbertsdale to tell her he should be there within 30min.
Seconds later, a local in an old car came around one of the first blind corners outside Herbertsdale on the wrong side of the road - and took Phillip out - changing his life in a split-second ... for ever! The accident happened so instantly - that Phillip (amazingly conscious) didn't know whether he was hit from the front or the back!!

He later got back his broken helmet cam - but with the memory card (evidence) removed!!!  :xxbah:

BUT: to my utter amazement the man laughs; he's positive; he can't wait to get on a bike again when he's healed and provided with a "Oscar leg"! But the most amazing of all - he has visited the people in Herbertsdale that took him out, to tell them he has forgiven them and they shouldn't feel bad - it was just an accident ...

Then he started walking to each of our bikes; enquiring every little detail with great enthusiasm. He even got onto Skolla's Triumph - you could see he's perfectly at home on a bike!!! And then he drooled over McSack's KLR - he's absolute favourite bike of all time!!!


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WOW, what a testament from Phillip, and a reminder to all of us how valuable our time on our bikes are and how quick it can all change.
Great pics though, nice RR

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Is reg Schalk laat weet.Ja dinge kan sekerlik baie gou verander vir 'n mens,sterkte Phillip.Aan my reisgenote,thx,weereens,al die k.kpratery doen 'n mens goed  :lol8:

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Nice trip guys. And, yeah, amazing story about Philip. Wishing him all the best.
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