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Author Topic: Any WD involved in shipping or have shipped bike to Asia in last 12 months  (Read 586 times)

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GF and I are looking at shipping a bike over and using it to travel around Asia. It will remain in Asia at various friends places and the idea is to fly over every 4 - 6 months and spend few weeks travelling with it. Countries we will travel through will include Philipines, Indonesia and up the through Thailand and back over to Philipines through Laos and Vietnam. After a few trips there I have decided on an XR600R (bike has been bought and next 6 months will be prepping her) which I want to ship over around end of year in prep for first part of the trip sometime around April next year. I have ridden in Philipines as well as Thailand and Indonesia. Bike rental locally is easier but costly so long term makes more sense to have my own ride there long term. End of trip bike will be kept at gf house in Indonesia.

Any dogs that have shipped bikes over? Any WD in the shipping business that I could work with to ship bike over?
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