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Author Topic: Sedgefield sand part 2  (Read 363 times)

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Sedgefield sand part 2
« on: June 23, 2008, 11:21:24 am »
Yesterday I decided to find out how I got lost last weekend by taking the track from the Buffalo Bay side.
This is a view from the old bridge over the Goukamma River parallel to the N2

We've had a bit of rain over the past week so at least the sand was firm - the first part was a bit rocky, but basically easy going.

I followed what I thought was the "obvious" road ( there are LOTS of turn-offs and tracks throughout this area) and came to a small group of forestry workers' house. Thought I knew where I was going, so waved, smiled and kept on riding. I then passed the remains of these old cottages and a couple of k's later came to this gate.

Opened it went through and a bit later came to another gate which leads onto the tar on the Karatara road just before the old church I photographed last week! Oh well, turn around, go back through the gate and stop at the  workers' houses to ask if they know where the right "road" is. There are 3 of them, all a bit hung over, but the one says: "luister julle twee, bly nou stil, ek gaan vir die meener wys waar die pad is." He tells me to turn around, go back through the  gate, onto the tar and turn right. I tell him I've been there and it's not where I want to go. He insists that this is the right way! Then another (still drunk) old guy pitches and says: "Nee julle, julle praat kak, hy moet omdraai en ry tot waar hy die hout langs die kant van die pad sien!" Oh what the hell, I smile say thank you and wave goodbye!
Go back the way I came in and find a sharply slanted Y intersection which I had ridden past - this heads in the general direction I want to go, so I follow it.

Some seriously wet and sandy patches and a bit of fishtailing around - lots of fun.

I continue for a while and come across this - the road must have been a river during the rains last week - it really looked awesome!

Eventually, I recognise the road I'm on, but the really weird thing is that I can't work out how I got lost the first time! So I turn round, ride back a bit and still don't recognise the wrong turning that I took! Weird! Turn round and carry on and go back to the clearing I found last week. This time I take a track down the side of it and around the bottom - the whole field is fenced in and are full of Chestnut trees!

Complete the loop and get back onto the main track. From there, it's back onto the tar, down to the N2 and home .
Next weekend I'm going back to do do some more exploring - now that I know where I'm going  ;D
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