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Author Topic: Yamaha WR250R  (Read 2172 times)

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Re: Yamaha WR250R
« Reply #20 on: September 01, 2017, 02:21:08 pm »
Why wouldnt they bring us this little bike. Got to be much tougher than the f and would make a good ds bike.

I believe its got a normal piston and just tougher valvetrain than the F?

Whats the consensus on this little machine?

Has it been available in SA?

Complete different bike than the F actually but an awesome bike.
Yamaha stopping manufacturing this year. It might be cause they just canning it or it might be that they are getting ready for a newer one.

I heard that this bike will still be available in the Australian market for now. Not sure if this means they have stopped manufacture and are just routing any existing stock to Aus or if they are still going to keep making it for there where it is immensely popular. 

I think the problem is that it's actually an expensive little bike. I think it was marketed at over $7000 so even if it were available here, they would be sitting in a similar position to Honda with their little Rally and CRF which has now in my opinion just priced themselves out of the market.....at least this market.

In the USA and markets with stronger currencies, they are probably considered to be cheap. We can thanks Zuma and the thieving ZANC for this ....
Any bike is expensive here, from videos I have seen they reckon it's a cheap bike in the US but with good motor and decent suspension. No way I will take a 250 Rally over this WR.

For me personally, I agreed   :thumleft:   The think the little Yamaha has a lot more to offer than the CRF-L and Rally in terms of quality, especially if you've tasted KTM and pukker dirt bikes but for the oke who just wants something reliable to cruise about, I can see how the little Honda is also appealing.

What I don't get about these bikes is why they all come with such puny tank sizes. How is a range of 150km acceptable in any dual sport world?