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Author Topic: 2017 Husqvarna Dual Sport Updates  (Read 532 times)

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2017 Husqvarna Dual Sport Updates
« on: November 03, 2016, 08:55:12 am »
some news from a USA website I subscribe to:

Husqvarna’s pioneering spirit unquestionably continues with the all-new, next generation 2017 enduro line-up of FE models. A complete range of newly developed 4-stroke engines that ensures all bikes have smooth power, while setting new standards for peak power and torque.

Reduced weight of all models ensures best-in-class handling and performance. Improved chassis performance together with all-new WP XPLOR suspension, a smaller and lighter frame and ergonomically redesigned bodywork combine to offer improved rider control and comfort.

Class-leading premium components as standard ensure Husqvarna is positioned at the top of the enduro market.

- All-new 4-stroke engines
- New frame smaller and lighter
- Traction control and launch control
- WP XPLOR 48 front forks
- WP DCC linkage rear shock
- New bodywork
- New engine guard
- Rear Subframe with 30% carbon fiber composite
- New CNC machined triple clamps
- New self-cleaning footpeg mounts
- Seat design and high-grip cover
- New ear brake caliper and lever
- Magura clutch



Ensuring increased rider comfort and confidence Husqvarna’s 2017 dual-sport chassis are completely new. Due to optimized frame geometry – improved torsional rigidity and longitudinal stiffness – they offer better suspension function and feedback together with improved rider movement.

Retaining Husqvarna’s unique character the lighter chassis are manufactured to the highest standards. Together with the linkage rear suspension the new WP XPLOR 48 front forks ensure improved function and feedback to the rider, allowing exceptional ease of use in all terrains.

Technical innovations like the carbon fiber composite rear sub frame, cast aluminum swingarm, self-cleaning footpeg mounts, class-leading brakes from Brembo, tool-less air filter access and distinctive bodywork ensures superior handling for all riders.


Following a similar geometry to the 2016 Husqvarna models, the 2017 frames features a totally new design and characteristics. The 6 mm wider and 2 mm lower steel tubes offer 20% higher torsional rigidity for improved stability and agility, while longitudinal stiffness is reduced by 30% for better bump absorption and suspension functionality. New laterally mounted head stays increase handling agility while reducing vibration. As standard the frames are fitted protectors and a new engine guard. Weight is reduced by 1.3 pounds.


Unique to Husqvarna the three-piece-construction composite subframe showcases pioneering technology and innovation with 30% made of carbon fiber. Featuring carefully calculated rigidity, all subframes enhance overall ergonomics. Weighing only 3.1 pounds, it’s 2.2 pounds lighter than the previous design.


The hollow, cast aluminum swingarms are designed to offer optimum stiffness and reliability at the minimum weight. Husqvarna Motorcycles engineers have specifically machined the rear axle in order to allow for the chain adjuster markings to be seen from above for easy maintenance.


New and futuristic bodywork highlights the impressive leap forward of the 2017 dual-sport models. Featuring striking pearl blue and electric yellow colors, in-mold graphics stylishly adorn its Swedish inspired design. Offering completely new ergonomics, the bodywork enhances control and comfort to allow any rider to perform at their best for longer periods of time. The seat has a low profile design and a new high grip seat cover, which keeps riders planted under hard acceleration or in slippery conditions.


Developed by WP Performance Systems specifically for enduro riding the WP XPLOR 48 front forks are a completely new feature in the MY17 Husqvarna dual-sport bikes. They feature an open cartridge layout with a spring in each leg and split damping functions. Compression is adjusted from the left side and rebound on the right via easily reachable clickers situated on the top of the tubes. A standard pre-load adjuster allows for easy pre-load adjustment without the use of tools.


The new WP DCC linkage rear shock weighs only 8.2 pounds and is 0.8 pounds lighter than the previous version. Internal revisions improve damping resulting in greater rider comfort and handling while the corrugated outer contour of the reservoir increases cooling. The shock is also fully adjustable and matched to a linkage system with a specific geometry to deliver the best possible traction and suspension action.


Featuring an off-road-specific design, the new self-cleaning footpeg mounts prevent the build-up of dirt collected in deep ruts or muddy terrain. The footpegs are also positioned 6 mm higher than Husqvarna’s motocross models to further increase ground clearance over rocks and deep ruts.


High quality Brembo calipers and controls combine with GSK discs to deliver superior stopping power. The rear brake caliper features a 24 mm piston (26 mm on previous models). A 10 mm longer rear brake lever provides better modulation and feeling while braking.


On the left side of the handlebars the ODI lock-on grip does not require gluing, while on the right, the vulcanized grip features an integrated throttle mechanism. The simplified throttle assembly has easy free-play adjustment as well.


The new airbox is designed with precisely positioned inlet ducts aimed at preventing air deformation and ensuring maximum airflow and protection. The air filter is accessible without tools and easy maintenance is guaranteed by the Twin Air filter and filter cage design that features a simple fail proof mounting system for safe and accurate filter installation. In the FE models, a new Velocity Focused Intake system utilizes a reed valve to dampen noise while improving power and rideability.


Standard on all MY17 Husqvarna enduro models the black-anodized CNC machined triple clamps offer an offset of 22 mm. They are expertly crafted to provide high levels of quality and reliability. A two-way handlebar adjustment also comes as standard and allows for customizable ergonomics.



A complete range of newly developed 4-stroke engines across Husqvarna’s 2017 enduro range deliver smooth, progressive power to ensure a next-level enduro experience.

All 4-stroke engines have been redesigned to ensure maximum standards for peak power and torque and longer service intervals. Rider-friendly, dual-sport specific power is delivered through lighter and more compact motors that feature extensive improvements, better reliability and compactness.

All 4-stroke engines across Husqvarna’s 2017 enduro model range have been redesigned in order to be more powerful, lighter and more compact. Husqvarna Motorcycles’ engineers have positioned all major internal components in such a way that the performance and handling characteristics are further enhanced. Featuring reworked cylinder heads, updated cylinders and new crankshafts, all engines combine class-leading performance characteristics, optimum reliability and reduced weight.


Designed by Keihin, the new EMS featured on all 4-strokes is specifically designed to be smaller, lighter and faster at processing data. Combined with the new gear sensor, power delivery is tailored for each gear.


The 2017 4-stroke range features an all-new 42 mm Keihin throttle body. The injector is now positioned at the bottom and sprays up directly onto the throttle valve which gives better throttle response and control at small throttle openings, ensuring the most efficient air and fuel mixture flow into the combustion chamber. Additionally, the throttle cable is mounted directly without a throttle linkage, providing more immediate throttle response and also saves weight.


All 4-stroke exhaust systems are expertly designed to deliver the best possible performance while complying with sound regulations. All 4-stroke models are fitted with updated header pipes and new shorter mufflers. Crafted from lightweight and strong aluminum the mufflers are now 50 mm closer to the engine to benefit mass centralization.


A new 6-speed gearbox with wide-range gearing is featured on all 4-stroke models. The shifting fork now features a special low friction coating to ensure smooth and precise shifting. All 4-stroke models are also fitted with a new gear sensor that allows the EMS to select a specific engine map for each gear.


Featuring plain big end bearings with two force-fitted bearing shells the new crankshafts ensure maximum reliability and durability and guarantee long service intervals of 135 hours for all 4-stroke engines.


All the latest updates in 4-stroke engines have brought significant weight savings, ranging from 1.5 to 3.7 pounds .

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