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Author Topic: Between the rock and a canal place  (Read 348 times)

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Between the rock and a canal place
« on: July 14, 2008, 08:07:12 pm »
So it started Wednesday morning with Oronick dropping me a mail.
Work was driving him crazy, he had to get out for a quick ride.
I happen to have a couple of hours to kill so it was all systems go.

We met at his place, Dainfern somehwere... We decided to do the back portion of the canals route, we only did half on a previous ride (fishing trip that turned into a ride) and then head of the ROCK.
It felt like the ride past Brits was taking forever, not very exciting at all.
We stopped for a quick drink at Bakgat cafe.
Nick managed to attract one of the female locals while I was in the shop, he had quite a puzzeled look on his face when I joined him from the shop. Then I remembred, this souty kannie die taal praat nie. No worries Nick she only wanted money for wine, not for any other service that you could provide...

After disposing of the locals we suited up and .... no lift off.
Nick's bike was absolutely dead, well the digital speedo was doing all kinds of weird things but the electric starter did not want to crank at all.
We tought he left the GPS and ignition on while having our drinks and that might have run the battery down.
So plan B followed, he'll just kick start the 640 KTM and ... no luck.
Kick starter sits on the left of the bike, its not easy kicking with the left foot.
Enter plan C, I pushed him and braaappppp we were in bussiness.

We turned onto the dirt and suddenly the last bit of my worries dissapeared with the first breath of dust into my lungs.

This was exactly what we needed, awesome tracks, brilliant weather and loads of fun.
Nick was leading the way, and what started as a slow wobbly cruise, quickly gained momentum and pace, funny how the speed picks up and the riding improves the more confident you become.

Our next stop was somewhere between the farms, well on our way to the rock.
We had something to drink and geared up for the next stint to the rock.
Quess what, Nick's bike was dead.
This time he was determened to kick start it and I must give him credit he managed to get it to fire up on the second attempt.   

We were off, the route now turn into wider softer gravel roads. Speed was up and I must say my steering damper really aided me well in these conditions, felt like I was on a tarred highway.

We arrived and took a slow ride trough the village at the foot of the ROCK.
Very pacefull, bussiest place was the shabeen.
It was onto the ROCK from there, we stopped in front and decided (stupidly) to walk up the front.
Man it is steep, mx boots and riding gear are not meant for rock climbing.
We managed to get to the top, out of breath and exhausted.
The view was brilliant, definately making the accent worth while.

We enjoyed the view, had something to drink, took photos and then it was time to get down. Weirdest feeling, as you decent the rock curves and you can't see the bottom.
It constantly feels like you going to fall forward.
Anyhow we made it down without any incident.

Now we had to head back as it was getting late we wanted to be home before dark, don't like riding at night.
Once again Nick's trusty steed needed some manual motivation to get going.
We followed the route arround the rock, playing in the small footpaths, sliding the arse out every now and again, and then as I rounded a bend Nick managed to looooosssse the front. First spill on his new Katoom, less than 1000km on clock.
Nothing serious, couple of sratches and the chain managed to come off.
In Nicks words, thats all right, what its build for.

We dusted him and the bike off got the chain back on and decided to make a bee line back home.

More wide soft gravel roads got us to Brits in no time.
From there is was all the way home, darkness and cold set in the last couple of kilos.

We arrived back having done about 200km in 4 hours, with many more great memories.
Not bad for a Wednesday afternoon.
If you have not been to the rock, make the effort.
Its a great outing.




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Re: Between the rock and a canal place
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2008, 09:09:17 pm »
 :ricky: Lekker Jolll.  :ricky:

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Re: Between the rock and a canal place
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2008, 10:01:10 pm »
Lekker Tudutchi, the more i read about the rock, the more it itches to get my arse up there.