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Author Topic: Fuel Mapping - '08 690  (Read 525 times)

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Fuel Mapping - '08 690
« on: December 14, 2016, 12:23:35 pm »
Hi Gents

Here is my story, hoping someone could help me with this :)



Recently I found that my '08 690 E will start fine, run and perform just dandy, but once I switch her off and try to start up again, I get these foul sounding explosions between my legs  :o.

Cringing at every attempt and getting concerned rather quickly, I found that it was the throttle-body that was a bit offset from the head.. after loosening, wiggling and adjusting the two hose clamps and the throttle body all is happiness until the next 5 to 8 rides.

Initially thought is was caused by the vibrations other then something actually being wrong, but along came the day where I just lined up for a friendly sprint at the drag lights, and it just pegged as I gave it the beans :angry4: This time the throttle-body was completely disconnected from the head. I Managed to slip it back on, mega embarrassed I tried my google-fu..

After the oogly-googly I found someone with a similar issue:


On a mission to get this sh!t sorted for good. I took off the filter box and throttle-body to gave it all a very good clean to simply reseat it all again.

So while in the mood and becoming overzealous, I decided to spend some dollar and ordered the EVO-1 filter-box lid, a UNI-Foam filter and some lekker orange silicone radiator pipes while I was at it :pot:



I bought the bike second hand with the standard air filter / filter box with a FMF Power Core 4 slip-on (no baffle and repacked it recently).

The guy I bought it from was the second owner and doesn't know if the mapping was changed or not...

With the combination of all these parts, I am pretty sure that a new mapping would have to be loaded, and/or calibrate the TPS. 



1. Can someone help me determine what mapping is loaded on the ECU ?

2. Can someone help me identify which mapping to load and assist with loading it ?


I am not very experienced with FI and how to make it do funny things - so will need some help with this one !

Oh, and - I am based in Cape Town, Pinelands area ...


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Re: Fuel Mapping - '08 690
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2016, 01:09:18 pm »
You need to either connect to your dealer's diagnostic or use tuneECU.  That will show you the map's name.  Problem is that with tuneECU, you can load, lets say an EVO map, change it and rename it to whatever you choose.  You then need to compare that with an unmodified map to see what was changed.  I used to change just the FI map, not the ignition maps, so that narrows it.  Best would be to simply load an EVO map or an AMA relative map, although the AMA map is very progressive, killing the snap of the motor.