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Author Topic: The Pans are WET WET WET...Road between Nata and Maun - Botswana (April 2017)  (Read 793 times)

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We were there two weeks ago, it is WET!

The road between Nata and Maun is "Closed", but you can still do it. There is a 2km stretch close to Zoroga that is completely under water. The road surface is gone and full of holes and you can't see shit!.....So you are left with a 0.5m to 1.0m deep mud channel of about 2km long. You can pay P250 to get onto the back of a low-bed that takes people across.

Friends of mine from Maun took the boat and launched it straight from the A3 highway right into the water and went tubing on the pans!

Some of their and my pics are below -  all this was in April 2017. They are expecting more water as the water from Angola is still on the way to the Delta and then onto the pans. My Maun and Francistown friends are saying they don't think the pans will drain before the next rainy season starts again.

View from the A3

View from my driver side window

Low-beds making a bunch of cash!

The A3 at Zoroga between Nata and Maun


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Awesome photos!  :thumleft: