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Author Topic: Sold: As a repair / spares: Torque limiter failure: SOLD  (Read 499 times)

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Sold: As a repair / spares: Torque limiter failure: SOLD
« on: May 13, 2017, 05:58:02 pm »
Greetings WD's
I bought my 2009 G450X "used" from an upstanding WD back in Feb 2012.
I have nurtured it & honestly done less that 1000k in 5  years on her. But this G450X it is like a baby... it needs your undivided attention. (definitely NOT like my XR650R which is rough tough and bullet proof.)
My.....  son started using my G450X on a very very "tight &* short "bmx track" that the neighborhood kids developed around the corner from my house.
Although I repeatedly cautioned him that this big 450 thumper is not designed for this "stop start" etc etc, behind my back he continued. to use it  - ^&*$*^%#*^%#
The other day, I went to ride it and the clutch was slipping obsessively. (so I thought)
OK, so I went to BMW & bought a set of genuine BMW G450X clutch kit at almost 3K, fitted and now thought she is good to to....
bummer - 100% unchanged...  WTF
I go to BMW M/C technicians ... NO they say... it is the "torque limiter" that has gone! This is BMW G450X has a gear inside the gearbox called a torch limiter. & replacing  (fixing the problem) means, besides the back ordered parts, the motor must be split. WTF design is that???
Anyway, the bottom line is that: either I spend an additional >8K to fix it or try sell the bike G450-X it for "parts or someone willing to replace the torque limiter gear. The new clutch hasn't done 10 min work. The bike is at 7800 km, NEVER been raced, used socially by previous WD owner and myself (&son) and besides the torque limiter issue, it is in pristine condition and a great light nippy bike.
The Bike is NOT road worthy, I scrapped it as not top roadworthy and pay annual licenses as it got used so seldom.
I am looking for any ideas / advice
Make me an decent offer and she is yours.(My Spouse complaining it is broken & gathering dust)
IM me or whatapp 0722213893
Regards Denzyl aka Mango Jack
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Re: For Sale: as a repair / spares: Torque limiter failure
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2017, 06:34:03 pm »
I have watts apped you budd. Jayson