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Author Topic: Bedrogfontein, Baviaanskloof and the Bulhoek Massacre  (Read 239 times)

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Bedrogfontein, Baviaanskloof and the Bulhoek Massacre
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:19:08 pm »

For our most recent filming trip through the Baviaanskloof and Bedrogfontein routes, we left the mighty 4500EFi Land Cruiser at home and decided (with much trepidation) to tackle the 6 day trip in SWAMBO's Suzuki Jimny. That required a big mindset change and we report our findings on the tiny 4x4 in the link below. We also recently upgraded from a GoPro 3 Black to a GoPro 6 Black and put its image stabiliser feature to the test. The results are nothing short of miraculous and for motorcyclists it will be a winner being able to film smooth video at last. We can now film a rough 4x4 route and it feels like the camera is mounted on a hovercraft. This will completely change the way we produce videos from here on evermore.

In our latest news page today we unpack the 6 day trip where we filmed 27 passes and poorts and we evaluate the Jimny and the GoPro 6.

More importantly we feature a small pass with a BIG history, named after an 1820 settler, Mr. Fincham. Join us as we explore the dark history of the Bulhoek Massacre (it makes Marikana look tame). Take the link and expand your knowledge! (If there is one post you must read, it's this one)

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