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Author Topic: From Suigpoort to Bastervoetpad and a dog called The Edge  (Read 346 times)

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From Suigpoort to Bastervoetpad and a dog called The Edge
« on: March 01, 2018, 01:32:42 pm »

The old and the new. Donkey carts are still used in this part of the Cederberg especially in the off the beaten track hideouts, like Heuningneskloof and Eselbank. In our news release today we unlock some of the history of the area and look at one of the achievements of the hardworking Thomas Bain who built the Pakhuis Pass and many of the big passes in the Cape. We also have a trip report from a young lady who completed the Ben 10 Eco Challenge (with an oddly named dog) in a violent electrical storm and we explore three other passes as arbitrary as Suigpoort in the Karoo and double that distance to the Drakensberg to drive Hattingshoogte near Utrecht; then on to the Northern Cape to drive one of 6 Langkloof Passes. This last mentioned Langkloof bears the road number D3331 and is located near Olifantshoek.

Whilst researching the history of the area, we uncovered a bizarre bit of history which shows the British up for their exceptional cruelty in war. This is a gory story (and it's apparently true), so do take the time to read it. I mean who would boil the skull of your enemy?

We will keep that page 'open' for Wild Dogs members till Sunday. Enjoy and see you next week.