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Author Topic: Life in New Zealand - The move has been made...  (Read 56392 times)

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Re: Life in New Zealand - The move has been made...
« Reply #700 on: September 04, 2019, 06:18:28 am »
Nice - thanks for the update. That volcano - wow - nice video.
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Re: Life in New Zealand - The move has been made...
« Reply #701 on: September 04, 2019, 08:22:52 am »
@silvrav looks like you guys are having a brilliant time.

A few months ago I told a prospective employer that I thought it was a bit soon as I was not very organised at the time. He appreciated my honesty as he needed someone within two months so not wanting to mess him around I declined.

I now may have another chance at an opportunity as they wanted to know when they could call me on skype. Im a bit more organised now so lets see what happens. Its a position much lower than my current position but after all the shit happening in SA this week I am at the stage of not really worrying about that too much.

Anyway, hopefully one day we can have a Wilddogs get-together in NZ.

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Re: Life in New Zealand - The move has been made...
« Reply #702 on: September 04, 2019, 08:30:15 am »
Thanks for the update @silvrav. I will definitely contact you with regards to the agent to check the documents. Job hunting is in full swing, will give it a few months. If I am not successful, then like you said, I will attempt a trip looking for work/interviews.

It really is a beautiful country, thanks for all the photos.
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Re: Life in New Zealand - The move has been made...
« Reply #703 on: September 10, 2019, 12:40:02 am »
@Brucet @w@nted I hope it works out for both you!  :thumleft: I think we about 15 WD here so a mini bash (some on bikes some not) could potentially be arranged  :3some:

Small update:
I got a 1-3kg class rod for my son to learn from young as fishing is great father/son time. I still have fond memories of my fishing trips in Namibia with my dad and uncles.

The weekend was cold, and Saturday was not just cold but WINDY! We ended up heading out for a bit of fishing at 11h00, I know it was way too late as it was nice sunny weather so the fishies would be out to sea or under the rocks hiding.
Regardless, it was a good opportunity to learn my rod and reel and get back into something I haven't done for years!

It took some time to get the bait, get it hooked, seated and ready to go as I am basically relearning the stuff and only remember some stuff as I go along  :sip:
I did remember to make up some rigs at night during the week so that saved some time.

The family came with and enjoyed the time out.

Sunday morning was father and son time only so we went out quite early, at about 7h, but the current was strong and the water dirty, so although I got some bites, it seems nothing big enough to take the hook.

The beach is also quite rocky, well almost all rocks/pebbles, which makes it even more difficult.... But I have met some local fishermen and they have shared some good spots with me. If the weather holds, as we have been having awesome weather, we will go to a more sandy, well-known fishing beach on Saturday.

So, on to work, at our office we have a nice coffee machine that makes good coffee, but come Monday it was out of order. I had to thus make some instant coffee. Easy enough until it came to adding the hot water, a crucial part in making coffee you know.

I looked around, everywhere for something indicating its a boiler, or hot tap or something. I spotted the tap with its pretty red and blue light. Not wanting to test the hot water with my finger I tested the cold one first.
Out comes ice cold water - success!

Proceeded to put my cup under the tap and press the red button....nothing  :patch: Not even a drop.

I proceed to test the cold water again and it works flawlessly, press the red button again and no go  :lamer:

I almost give up but one guy that saw me, without me even knowing, steps and shows me that you need to press the little red bar under the handle and press the red level at the same time.  :o WTF, its apparently a safety (child switch) for the office full of adults. So for the rest of the day, you saw adults making funny hand gestures at the hot tap as you need hold your cup, press the safety switch, press the tap and ensure you dont burn yourself.

Another new thing learned for the week.

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Re: Life in New Zealand - The move has been made...
« Reply #704 on: September 10, 2019, 02:36:18 am »
Brilliant Silvrav, those memories will last a lifetime with your son  :thumleft:

Makes me wish mine was closer to me  :'(
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