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Author Topic: Simon Fourie classic collection going up for sale – show day on 8 July  (Read 3796 times)

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I know there's a section for bikes for sale on this forum, but this might have a more universal appeal. Admins are welcome to move this as they see fit.

Roughly 200 classic bikes and more than 100 boxes of classic spares are going up for sale. Simon is hosting a show day of all of them at the Hartbeespoort Holiday Resort on 8 July. Everyone welcome.

For the full list, see the link below:
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Sticky it :thumleft:

all the best with the sale

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Die oubaas het darm 'n klomp kak vergader oor die jare, hy is mos al 105 so baie tyd gehad  :lol8:

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En al die wat moertoe is het hy seker self stukkend geval.  :imaposer:


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Very few of those bikes in the article pics look complete, or anywhere near complete.  :patch:
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Herewith a comprehensive list of al the bikes that will go on sale:

In Green Warehouse:
First Row:
Honda Supersport CB750 1975/6 CB750E 2612014

Honda Gold Wing 1974 GLIE 2017365

Honda Gold Wing 1974 GLIE 1017067
Snippets on the Gold Wings:
Years produced: 1975-present
Claimed power: 80hp @ 7,500rpm
Top speed: 200km/hr (est.)
Engine type: 999cc single-overhead cam, two valves per cylinder, water-cooled flat four
Weight: 295kg (650lb)
Price then: $2,895
Price now: $2,000-$5,000
Mr. Soichiro Honda’s notion was to build something grand, something luxurious and powerful that would make the Honda marque stand out as it had with the CB750 with a very different motorcycle that could take on the Harleys.

BMW 500 R50 1960 with genuine Steib sidecar. Engine 662629

BMW 600 R69S  with sidecar. Engine number  227303

Yamaha TR2B 350 twin race bike. Original, restored with rebuilt engine. Big price tag on this one which qualifies for American historic racing pre disc brakes and pre watercooling.

Suzuki 250 MX bike. Looks modern but could be a classic

Big Boy Scooter 125cc, not classic.

Honda 305 CB77

Bridgestone 50cc

Kreidler Florett

Kreidler Floret

Honda Trail 90

Honda Z50M Monkey Bike 1966, restored with original tartan seat.

Kawasaki ZX10 1000cc rebuilt after Zwartkops prang with new frame and higher handlebars and lengthened cables and goeters to accommodate the handlebars.  Ideal fast road bike for toppies who don’t want to crouch.
Kawasaki KH250

Yamaha 250. Engine number D9-10446

Suzuki T500 twin two stroke. Engine no. T500 21870

Honda 305 CB77 Engine No. CB77E-1051214

In Green Warehouse
Second Row:
My DJ bike BMW 750 Model R12 with electronic ignition, not really for sale but the right offer might come along.

Suzuki GT550. Two stroke triple - we also have the 380 and the 550

Kawasaki H2 750 triple two stroke. The widow maker

Yamaha HT1 100cc. This the baby of the scrambler family of 125 AT1, 175 CT1, 250 DT1 and the lethal 360 RT1.

Kreidler Florett

DKW Auto Union. 250?

Suzuki GT380 two stroke triple

Yamaha YL1 100cc road bike

Honda 5-speed 450. This black bike replaced  the 4-speed bike called the Black Bomber which was grey.
People have been confused since 1966.
BMW 250.

Honda K0 750. It came out in 1969 and was replaced by the slower K1 and later K2, K3. The K0 was a nickname. What else could we call the one before the K1?

Kawasaki 500 triple two stroke 1969. This will evoke much interest.

In Brick Warehouse
First Row:

Honda CBX 1000cc six cylinder, engine number CB1E- 2021944

Suzuki K50 - Engine number 81927

Yamaha R1 350 two stroke twin 1967. No, the 1000cc Yamaha’s four cylinder four stroke superbike was not the first R1

Kawasaki 250 two stroke twin, engine number S1E029391

Montesa offroad scrambler. 39M02057

Honda 50 - no engine

Yamaha 125 twin, engine number AS2-20674

Honda 305, engine nunber CB77E-1004878

Yamaha 250 two stroke twin(another one) engine number D9-35512

Honda 305, engine number CB77E 310880

Suzuki T350 scrambler, engine number T350-17595

Kawasaki Avenger 350, engine number A7E-11421. This followed the 250 A1 Samurai launched in 1966.

Kawasaki A7 Avenger 350, engine numberA7E-12206

Kawasaki 250 Samurai, engine number A1E-09399, baby brother of the 350 Avenger. Buy both? All three?

Yamaha DS5 250 two stroke twin, engine number DS5-21394

Suzuki K50, engine number K50-91255

In the Brick Warehouse
Second Row:

YamahaY21 (A6), engine number Y21-8141876

Suzuki 380 two stroke triple

Honda 305 CB77, engine number CB77E- 1035608

Suzuki 500 twin two stroke. Frame number T500-33100

Yamaha 250, engine number D6-11339

Yamaha 180 two stroke twin, engine number CS1-004305

Yamaha 250 two stroke twin Engine number DS6-109539

Yamaha R3, 350 two stroke twin, a later model than the R1 350 two stroke twin.Engine number R3-05323

Honda 250 four stroke twin, engine number CB72E-151475

Yamaha 50, engine number F5A-215697

Honda 450, engine number CB450E-1025182

Kawasaki 900 Z1 four cylinder, engine number Z1E-04037

Yamaha 100 scrambler, engine number 497-30804

Yamaha 250 two stroke twin, engine number D9-8858

Yamaha scrambler, engine number 525-102696

Yamaha 305 two stroke twin, engine number M1-29985

In the Brick Warehouse
Third Row:

Bridgestone 50

Bridgestone 350GTR, engine number NA1-0511

General Bridgestone numbering information:
For the 175/200cc models, - The “TA1” prefix was used for 175cc and “TA2” was for 200cc. Note, however, that the very early BS200’s were built using up the last of the stock of 175cc frames (175 and 200 frames are identic al), and these therefore would have had frame number prefixes of “TA1”.
350’s own prefix code is “NA-1”.

It may be of interest to note that the factory production codes can be cast into many components, from speedo drive gears to engine casings. “NA1” will indicate a 350 part, “TA1” as 175 part, “EA1” or “EA3” a 90 part, “GB1” a 50 Sport part, and so on.

Suzuki T125, engine number T125-11251

Yamaha AS1 two stroke twin 125, engine number AS1-027665

Suzuki T200, engine number T200-11894

Honda 4-speed 450, engine number CB450E-1018831

Yamaha 100cc two stroke twin, engine number L1-118046

Bridgestone 175 two stroke twin, engine number TA1-25233

Yamaha RT1 360 scrambler, engine number RT1-118701

Bridgestone 350 GTR two stroke twin, engine number NA11-4124

In the Brick Warehouse
Fourth Row:
Honda CB350 twin four stroke, engine number CB350E-4765856

Bridgestone 175, engine number TA1-16385

Yamaha 250 two stroke twin, engine number-DS6-100454

Triumph, sort of cafe racer. Needs work. engine number-XD34779

Yamaha 305 two stroke twin, engine number M1-12839

Yamaha 50, engine number FSA-228196

Yamaha 250 two stroke twin, engine number DS6-112368

Kawasaki S2 Mach II 350 cc introduced for the 1972 model year and discontinued at the end of the 1974 model year. It had a 3-cylinder two-stroke engine with a displacement of 346 cc (21.1 cu in), and superseded the rotary disc valve twin-cylinder Kawasaki A7 Avenger. - thanks Wikipaedia

In the Brick Warehouse
Fifth Row:

Yamaha DT1 250 Scrambler,   engine number - DT1-052446

Honda MT250 Elsinore two stroke, Honda’s unusual deviation from their usual four strokes.    Engine number MT250E-1088571

Suzuki T20 250 two stroke, named  “Super Six” because of its 6 speeds, unusual in the mid 1960s.

Kawasaki,    engine number K2T00DEO1663

Yamaha RT1 360 scrambler,    engine number RT1 88835

Yamaha RT1 360 scrambler,    engine number RT1 133335

Honda 550, engine number 550ya028922

Honda C200,    engine number

Yamaha RT1 360 scrambler

Yamaha 180 twin 2-stroke,  engine number CS1-021934

Suzuki 380 two stroke  3 cylinder,     engine number GT380-38906

SS50,  engine number SS50M289174

Kawasaki 250 A1,   engine number A1E-08551

Yamaha 250 twin DS6,   engine number DS6 01309

Yamaha 250 twin DS6,   engine number DS6-111481

In the Brick Warehouse
Row 6:
Honda SS50, Engine number SS502224841

Suzuki T200-23035

Kawasaki 350 twin two stroke,  engine number A7E-11933

Yamaha 250 twin DS6,                                                                              
Bridgestone BH082458

Yamaha 305,   engine number M2-01441

Suzuki   engine number T125-119557

Suzuki A100,   engine number A100-52787

Honda C110 50cc fourstroke,   engine number C110-449334

In the Brick Warehouse
Row 7:

Kawasaki 350 Twin A7 Avenger
  engine number A7E-13088

Honda SS50M,   engine number SS50M3351152

Honda SS50M,   engine number SS50M321830

Memo to me, please ignore - HNE

In the Brick Warehouse
Row 8:
Kawa A1 250 Samurai, engine no.  A1E20968

Memo to me, please ignore - H NE

Honda CB350, engine number CB350E-3152963

Suzuki T500. Frame number T500-23035

Suzuki T20  two-stroke,twin with and six speed gearbox first launched in 1965

The Kawasaki W1 650 cc four-stroke twin is a copy of the BSA 650. Really? Really.
History - was developed from the Meguro K series, which Meguro had developed from a BSA A7 under licence. Engine number W1E- 53336

Yamaha R3 350 twin, engine number R3-95658

Honda 175 twin four stroke, engine no. 175E-1001617


Suzuki T500, 500cc two stroke twin, engine no T500-15358

Honda CB77 305 fourstroke twin. Engine No. CB77-401256

Yamaha R3 350 two stroke twin, engine no. R3-03846

Row XX (Scattered):

Yamaha 125 two stroke twin AS1. Engine no. AS1-310286

Yamaha 250 two stroke twin, engine number D9-10980

Honda CB500 four. Engine no. CB500E-2155773

Yamaha R5 350 twin two stroke. Engine no. R5-032471

Bridgestone 175 two stroke twin. Engine no. TA1-05856

Honda 450 twin fourstroke. Engine no. CB450E-4022969

Cagiva 250 enduro,  DGM197640M/4G1623
Given to me in those days by world champ and good friend Jon Ekerold, who raced for Cagiva for a year, as a token of whatever it was a token of.

Yamaha DS6 250 two stroke twin, engine no. DS6-04061

Yamaha DS5 250 two stroke twin, engine no. DS5-22025

Honda SS50, engine no SS50Z-204612

Honda 50, engine no. SS50Z -E25476

Honda 50, engine no. SS50Z -E143804

Suzuki, engine no. E-500575

Honda Gold Wing GL1, no engine. GL1-2040649

Honda 305, engine n0. CB77E-401120.

Suzuki 50cc M10. Engine no. M10 582452

Suzuki TS50. Engine no TS50X-137455

Honda CG125. Engine No. CG125-1148490

Yamaha 250 two stroke twin. Engine no. D9-59154

Row xxxx
Yamaha AS1 125 twin, engine no. AS1-029064

Harley Davidson AMF Aermacchi 175. Some engine parts missing, engine no. 4P6016485

Suzuki TS50. Engine no. TS50 49525

Row no. Fr Only, noe (3)
Honda CB350  CB350-4119383

Yamaha 180, engine CS1-018072

Suzuki FS1-031577

Yamaha 250 Y23-18807

Yamaha R5 350, R5-076264

Suzuki T200 -14518

Yamha 250 twin DS6- 103717

Suzuki 321720

Yamha TD2 250 Racer, frame, TD2-900342

Honda CB77 305 No. 102776

Yamaha 250, Y26-24038

Yamaha 250 DS6-101820

Yamaha Engine T1-076113

Honda CB350-4088640

How to Identify an Old Yamaha From Its Engine Numbers | Our Pastimes
Apr 12, 2017 ... Yamaha models can be identified by locating and decoding the crankcase engine number. Yamaha uses a standardized numbering system, ...

Row F Only NSNE (2)

Suzuki T200-28764

Suzuki GT380-86223

Yamaha 4H5-011141

Suzuki T200-28764

Honda C110400909

Honda C110431609

Yamaha CT1-072778

Yamaha YZ125

Bridgestone 175 TA130560
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That's a helluva collection!
Didn't know ol Simon crashed so many bikes!  :pot: :lol8:

Are they going on auction or how?
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Donovan, what happened?


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Donovan, what happened?
Boere bought the lot  :biggrin:
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What's happening with this sale/auction thing?

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Hello fellas. Auction went well. Everything worth selling was sold. Simon kept his TR2B, his R50 with a Steib sidecar, his R69S with a sidecar, his R12 DJ bike and a Honda 305.

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Re: Simon Fourie classic collection going up for sale – show day on 8 July
« Reply #13 on: August 03, 2018, 08:13:04 am »
Hello fellas. Auction went well. Everything worth selling was sold. Simon kept his TR2B, his R50 with a Steib sidecar, his R69S with a sidecar, his R12 DJ bike and a Honda 305.

Did you buy anything? :thumleft: