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Author Topic: Tales of the Purple Turtles  (Read 1539 times)

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Tales of the Purple Turtles
« on: July 10, 2018, 07:51:13 pm »
My Ride Reports

For clarity, I have two Purple Turtles (Suzuki DR650s):

1. The Purple Hooligan, my first Suzuki DR650, the bike on which I learnt to ride, and the love of my life. So called due to his pumper carb and rough manner. A 2009 model with currently about 73,000km on. Has a 22-liter fuel tank, foot peg lowering kit, broad foot pegs, Bosson exhaust, frame powder coated with Hammerite and header pipe ceramic coated in black. Set to lowest link and with forks dropped in the triple clamps. If he were lower, his belly/bash plate would drag on the ground ::)

2. The Purple Gentleman, a Suzuki DR650 I acquired early last year, and my "stukkie" on the side. So called because he is stock standard and therefore considerably smoother than the Hooligan. A 2014 model with currently about 55,000km on. Foot peg mounts were modified to shorten them, broader foot pegs, Powerflow exhaust and header pipe ceramic coated in silver. Also set to lowest link and with forks dropped in the triple clamps. Not quite as low as the Hooligan, due to a Martin Petzold-tuned back suspension.

I've also bought two more Suzuki DR650s Blue and Snow, and am still deciding what to do with all of them.

EDIT: Snow has been sold and Hooligan will probably be sold soon as well

In the beginning...Wazzup (Jan 2015)


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Tales of the Purple Turtles: Ride Reports
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