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Author Topic: Ri Rides: Tales of the Purple Turtles  (Read 2019 times)

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Ri Rides: Tales of the Purple Turtles
« on: July 10, 2018, 07:51:13 pm »
Tales of the Purple Turtles

... and then there was one. My DR650 mania reached its peak at 4 DRs. Why so many? They came across my way and begged to be in my care for a little bit. They've all since moved on to better owners and in one case no owner - written off in an accident and currently in the auction house, waiting for the highest low bidder.

I'm down to 1 Suzuki DR650, and have since bought a little Kawasaki KLX250S that I absolutely adore, and immediately dubbed my Black Beastie.

My Grey Gent, my last DR650, in the meantime had his head(s) checked and suddenly shows amazing spunk; no longer the gentle, complacent gent but now a much rougher ride. He Who Has Not Been Named Yet will soon reveal his new character.

My ride reports:

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