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Author Topic: Let us get started ! ! ! PAW, the background and the current objectives  (Read 1402 times)

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Let me start from the top.

Here is the link on the Wild Dog Forum where we discussed the project initially.

We started discussing this after the trip to Sanwild, our current charity of choice.  The trip report on the forum:

We realized after the visit that the dogs are well looked after and is getting the best care possible, but they can‚??t contribute to the conservation of the species.  There are currently between 3000 and 5000 left in the wild and their numbers are declining (according to various studies), and this planted the seed for a few of the human Wild Dogs to start research to determine where we can get involved with conservation efforts.

What we have realized was that there are lots of Wild Dog initiatives going in several countries.  All the countries in Southern Africa have something going at the moment.  Even Zimbabwe has an initiative going.  I can‚??t comment on the status of the initiative at this stage because the poor people are probably just trying to survive. 

We had to find an initiative that met certain criteria:
a.   It must be aimed at conservation and the preservation of the species.
b.   It must be in a country which we (the Wild Dogs) would like to visit, and where we have active members to act as go-betweens.
c.   It must adhere to sound research principles with initiatives we can relate to. 
d.   It must have an ultimate goal that is feasible, even though it might be hard going to reach it.

Davy got involved and he met with Robin Lines.  We then had the presentation in Gauteng which basically launched PAW.  So far all the Wild Dogs that contacted me are adamant about conservation and not the ‚??keeping them in comfort in captivity‚?Ě model.

Robin Lines (the Namibian researcher) has been in the veld for years doing research and works with recognized bodies like IUCN.  I double checked.  The guy is legit.  He works in the North Eastern side of Namibia.  This is where the last surviving packs of free roaming Namibian wild dogs are.

What is the ultimate aim of PAW? 
- To assist in conservation efforts of wild dogs in Southern Africa.

What are the objectives of PAW in Southern Africa
i.   To raise funds to assist with the conservation of wild dogs in Southern Africa in their natural habitat.
ii.  To actively be involved providing volunteer labour and other assistance to conservation efforts.
iii.  To promote the reintroduction of wild dogs in areas where they are extinct.
iv.  The last aim is education.  In South Africa with outcomes based education, the kids get projects about endangered species every year.  I would like us to get information and graphics together and even get the kids involved in the project.  They are the ones inheriting the mess in the end, aren‚??t they?   In Namibia, Robin also initiated efforts to educate local communities regarding the wild dogs.

What is the aim of PAW Namibia?
‚??  To support Robin in his research and other efforts that will ultimately result in the re-introduction of wild dogs in Etosha.

What are the objectives of PAW‚??s Namibian initiative? 
i.   Our ultimate objective is to assist with the re-introduction of wild dogs in Etosha where they were last seen in the 1980‚??s.  They tried re-introduction before but due to various reasons it was unsuccessful.  That is the big one. 
ii.   In the interim we will assist Robin with certain aspects of the day-to-day running of his operation.  We are waiting for a wish list from him with items that he needs but do not have the funds to purchase.  Something like tyres for his vehicles, etc.  We will publish this list on the website that we are creating. (This is open for debate on the forum)
iii.  We intend getting involved with Robin‚??s efforts on his project.  Ride there and distribute pamphlets for him or something similar.  We will identify that as soon as we have more information.
iv.  The last aim is education.  Here the focus is specifically the education of local communities regarding the wild dogs.

Do we have a marketing strategy for PAW yet?
  No, but we are working on it and all input regarding this will be most welcome.

Is PAW affiliated to the Wild Dog Bike forum, or is it totally independent?
i.   PAW is affiliated with the Wild Dog forum.  Seeing that PAW is going to be a ‚??charity‚?Ě and ‚??non-profit‚?Ě project, we foresee that we might become independent in future.  The Wild Dog Forum will hopefully stay our biggest support base.

PAW website
We are in the process of purchasing a PAW website.  More news about that later.  Currently we have a PAW board which will be moderated by David and me.  I am waiting for a logo and the website to be created to kick it off.  (Design suggestions welcome!)

What fund raising activities are planned?
I received a few suggestions.  See the Fund Raising thread.  You have the basics now.  BRING IT ON!!!!!!!