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Author Topic: Bavarian offers complimentary recovery service  (Read 191 times)

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Bavarian offers complimentary recovery service
« on: March 14, 2019, 12:21:45 pm »

In the instance that you experience a breakdown, you will not always be close to home and breakdowns do unfortunately happen. In that situation you will need a service that is willing to go the extra mile!

Bavarian Motorcycles, approved BMW Motorrad dealer located in Centurion Gate on John Vorster Drive, Centurion has launched a Customer Roadside Emergency Assistance Service.

Customer roadside emergency assistance includes:
Collection and transportation of breakdown/accident motorcycle in Gauteng free of charge within 150km range.
Drop-off at home in Gauteng free of charge within 150km range.
Drop-off motorcycle at Bavarian Motorcycles premises in Centurion free of charge.
Ensure you see the Bavarian Motorcycles branded towing vehicle.
Should you need technical advice please contact Bavarian Motorcycles during office hours on: 012 643 1680.

Terms and Conditions:
Roadside Assistance:
Bavarian Motorcycles offers 24hour customer roadside assistance.
In an event of a mechanical/electrical breakdown within the Gauteng area, Bavarian Motorcycles emergency assistance will load and tow your BMW motorcycle to Bavarian Motorcycles premises in Centurion free of charge.
In an event of an accident we will load and tow your BMW motorcycle to Bavarian Motorcycles premises in Centurion free of charge.
Bavarian Motorcycles is not liable for any costs incurred whatsoever.
Delivery to any other breakdown/accident premises other than Bavarian Motorcycles Centurion.
The cost of repairs or parts at the time of the incident.
Expenses occurred by the owner when assistance was not requested from Bavarian Motorcycles Emergency Assistance.
This service is offered by the dealership and does not in any way whatsoever replace BMW Motorrad’s On-Call service but is offered as a complementary service.

Bavarian Motorcycles is always there for you, our customer!

For more information visit: www.bavarianmc.co.za

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Re: Bavarian offers complimentary recovery service
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2019, 01:34:00 pm »
May I add my 2Cents worth...

Two weeks ago, I took my motorcycle for a service at Bavarian Motorcycles. I inadvertently took the wrong off-ramp (Brakfontein R101).  I hit a piece of concrete lintel laying in the road. I went over it and immediately felt the big BM starting to weave and the dashboard portrayed Christmas lights. The backtyre was "kas toe" and no way that I would ride the bike like that. A gentleman on a GSA stopped and asked if I was ok. Then later a gentleman by the name of Basil (on a Harley) stopped and tried to help. This was about 07:45 on a Saturday morning. We had t wait till 08:30 before Bavarian offices opened and answered the telephone. He stayed the whole time with me, probably 60 minutes.

The friendly young gent from Bavarian was there within 10 minutes. The loading onto the bakkie was effortless. Apart from the service, I had to have a new backtyre fitted..eina.  No recovery charges! As always Bavarian Motorcycles is a topnotch dealership.

A few learnings from my side...never joke about Roadside Assistance with the BMW boys....lol...I always used too even though I ride a GS.  The brotherhood amongst bikers are alive. I will always respect this. And lastly, pay close attention where you ride.  Picture is of the failed tyre and it happened so quick. Be safe out there!  :)
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