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Author Topic: Chain stretch - GS800  (Read 628 times)

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Re: Chain stretch - GS800
« Reply #20 on: May 24, 2019, 10:12:20 am »
Contrary to popular belief, chains do not stretch. The outside measurement of an individual link plate does not get longer with wear. Your bike is not so powerful that is stretches the chain.

Chains are constructed of essentially link plates, pins, bushings and rollers.

In order for a chain to roll around a sprocket, the pins must have clearance through the bushing holes, allowing them to pivot. The pins and bushings are subjected to continual pivoting and, as they pass a sprocket, steel against steel wear occurs. This causes the pins and their mating holes to wear in an eccentric manner .

In abrasive dirt conditions and especially mud, grains of sand are introduced between these mating surfaces and wear is accelerated many times over. A sealed chain (O-ring, X-ring, Z-ring etc) acts to prevent abrasives but still requires re lubrication from time to time.

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