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Author Topic: The Blackwater 100 & other good reads  (Read 730 times)

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Re: The Blackwater 100 & other good reads
« Reply #20 on: July 17, 2019, 10:29:22 pm »
The tragic tale of the most stunning motorcycle graveyard ever

Too good to be true? Hundreds and hundreds of motorcycles sitting in this abandoned warehouse?

Austin Coop
25 November, 2014

When rumors of a mythical vintage motorcycle graveyard hit the internet in 2010, the sharks immediately began circling. Motorcycle and car blogs alike came alive with the same chatter… Where is this graveyard, and can you visit it? A man by the name of David Cuff set out on a mission to find the motorcycle graveyard at the center of so much attention…

Thanks to a random “leak” of the location on a sport bike forum, David and his friends knew the place was in Lockport, New York, a town just east of the mighty Niagara Falls, so they hopped on their motorcycles and rode 9 hours to find out if the place was truly the rusty vintage bike rusty heaven the message boards had made it out to be.

Cuff and his friends took a little path to the back of the supposed building (which, they note, is more like 3 buildings, all connected) and went right on into the abandoned compound where instead of seeing a plethora of motorcycles they saw the evidence of the homeless and rebellious kids. In terms of the place being cycle heaven, there wasn’t much more than a few motorcycle tanks and a couple old bikes laying around… Then they found the basement.

The basement was wet, damp, and nasty, but absolutely packed to the gills with old rusty bikes. I mentioned it was damp, so you already know what we’re about to say… Sadly, these bikes were mostly rusted away to nothing, but was there more? There was. In fact, there were multiple floors of motorcycles. It was, indeed, the massive motorcycle graveyard they’d hoped for.

Long story short, Cuff and his biker buddies returned home to do their research on this bizarre place. They found the building had been repossessed by the city for a failure to pay taxes and the owner, Frank, wasn’t allowed back inside without accident insurance.
While Cuff waited till Frank had clearance to re-enter the building to access his collection, he learned a lot about how the place came to be filled with vintage motorcycles. A motorcycle dealer named Kohl had apparently amassed the huge collection by buying up the inventory of defunct dealerships, and he eventually sold the building and collection to Frank in the late 90s.

Frank operated from the building under the name “Kohl’s Cycle Salvage,” but there were back taxes owed and the building needed more work than it was worth. Frank eventually let the city take the building, but sued them over getting possession of the still-massive motorcycle collection.
Frank won his lawsuit but was given a tight timeframe to get the collection of frames, bikes, and parts out. Just so happened, the deadline loomed about the time Cuff and his friends found the place (and the owner).

As you can imagine, Cuff and co. wasted no time swooping in to grab up every frame, tank, part, and piece they could, knowing Frank planned to just scrap anything left over. They made multiple trips back and forth with little to no sleep until finally they’d picked the 4-story building through and through. The rest was put in dumpsters and scrapped.

The building then sat empty for a few years, falling in on itself, until Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 when it caught fire and burned. What once housed a collection of motorcycles and motorcycle parts like no other is now no more.

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Re: The Blackwater 100 & other good reads
« Reply #21 on: July 18, 2019, 03:16:36 pm »
Great Reads
Thank you Kobus
Very funny Mr Geller can i please get my bike back

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Re: The Blackwater 100 & other good reads
« Reply #22 on: July 30, 2019, 09:54:23 pm »
stunning stuff - love the pics/write up of Blackwater 100- and the  graveyard-eish
check with uncle youtube on black water races - good stuff

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