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Author Topic: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going  (Read 7857 times)

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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #20 on: October 05, 2019, 01:11:20 pm »
Day 5 (cont'd)

The bar of the Halfway House

The shop of the Halfway House

Accommodation available to rent

Waiting for the rally riders at the back of the Halfway House

We make ourselves comfortable while we wait. Apart from the Halfway House and its accommodation, there is a whole lot of nothing out here.

Robert is very organised, and brought hot water for coffee.

With nothing to do, the wait feels forever. Robert offers me a cooldrink or a beer, and I immediately opt for a beer. I have not met many programmers or bikers who'll refuse a beer. He pulls out and opens a Peroni and I accept it graciously, surprised at the burly man's choice of beer. Ah well, I muse philosophically, not everyone has good taste.

His camping fridge is set to 0o to keep the ice from melting, and the beer is ice cold. It hits my empty stomach with a splash and heads quickly for the bloodstream. I reach for the snack packs that Robert had thoughtfully grabbed for us, and try to line my stomach, but the wine gums offer little resistance. I decide to stick to Energade and water for a while, and chat to John about rallies and what we're doing out here.


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #21 on: October 05, 2019, 02:53:40 pm »
Day 5 (cont'd)

The rally riders finally join us, park their bikes and scatter like dandelion seeds to relieve their bladders. Watching men pee not being a favourite pastime, I try to avoid looking at them, turning my back on one group only to face another. I'm left to look up or down until the last shakedown.

John keeps up a running commentary on all the riders and soon these strangers seem like longtime acquaintances. By the end of the rally I know most of their names. I can still almost remember the list :deal:

@KarooKid heads off to offer the dry landscape some relief.

@Crossed-up, Nadine, Rolf, @Claude Deyzel and @Scrat laugh at the ever-amusing Robert Gibbon.

The two GPS navigators on the rally circuit, Nadine on her KTM500 and @detour on his tiny tourer, form the rearguard.

I met Dirk once, a while ago. I had already done my first long gravel trip when a friend gifted me a Country Trax beginner's riding course, presented by Dirk on a farm in Grabouw. I had an inkling the course was maybe not aimed at my bike when the first instruction was, "Turn off your ABS and traction control".  When we got to the end and were practising emergency braking, my DR went racing off into the orchard, crashing spectacularly in the third row of trees.

Participants dragged the DR and me out from under the branches by our heels. I straightened the handlebar as best I could, taped up the shattered rear indicator and went home. I promised Dirk I'll be back to complete the course some day.

Make no mistake: Dirk can ride that GS of his.

Martin at the front, Johan van Lille I think second in line, start preparations to get going when John calls "1 minute!"

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Re: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going
« Reply #22 on: October 05, 2019, 03:25:08 pm »
Ek wil net die merker insit. Gaan later van voor begin lees :biggrin: :thumleft:
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Re: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going
« Reply #23 on: October 05, 2019, 03:28:39 pm »
Day 5 (cont'd)

Finally we do what we're here to do: John sets everyone off on the first circuit of the timed rally special. The riders will ride the 45 km circuit twice, and then head back to Race Control.

Bikes head off into the dry hills, little puffs of dust drifting over the acrid landscape.

Dust devil

Someone helps themselves to some of the Smarties I'd packed for snacking on my trip.

He brought his own beer though, probably from the House bar

Last but certainly not least, the two GPS navigators get the go ahead.

Mayhem ensues. The riders ride into the hills, disappearing from view for a short while. Soon though there is the unmistakable sound of nearing bikes, and one by one the rally riders come racing back. The route doesn't agree with their road books, and they can't figure out where to go. The rotund proprietor of the property rocks up on a quad and we check the route with him. He'd ridden it with Clive and confirms that yes, indeed, this is the way to go.

John asks him to check that the riders are in fact on the correct route, and he takes off into the hills, while I go stand at the first turn-off to show the way to the returning riders. Like homing pigeons though they keep coming back.

Still wrong way

Riders gather, trying to figure out the One True Way

Riders cutting across the veld irk John to no end. It so seldom rains here that the tracks lie for years, causing other hooligans to mistakenly think they can ride wherever they want to.

Then @detour and Nadine return, showing us on their GPS that everyone had set off in the wrong direction. They take off in the right direction. Shortly afterwards @Bill the Bong also returns, one of the most experienced road book navigators, and tells John that he figures he should be starting in a different direction - the same as the GPS navigators.

Robert gets hold of Race Control, who confirm that we have inadvertently been setting the riders off in the wrong direction. We have a map of the route, but there is no indication as to which way around the route should be ridden, unlike the riders' road books, which gives them the direction as well as directions.


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #24 on: October 05, 2019, 04:03:51 pm »
Day 5 (cont'd)

Robert Gibbon returning to the roost

... followed shortly by Rolf

... and the others.

It is decided that the first circuit's timing would be scrapped, and only the second one will be accepted. As the rally riders come in, we explain the situation to them, and set them off in the correct direction when they're ready to continue. Some riders are visibly frustrated by the mix up, but they keep their cool and carry on with new determination.

Eventually almost all the riders departed in the right direction, and from about 50 minutes later on they start to reappear with huge grins on their faces. The circuit is apparently amazing, and they are having the ride of their lives.

One rider however is still wandering the outback and hasn't yet returned from his first circuit attempt. Robert contacts Race Control and the tracking software confirms that the rider, Jaco van Wyk I think, is waaaaaayyyyyy off course and heading away from us. John asks the riders to keep and eye out for Jaco and to send him back to us if they come across him. No one however sees him. The riders return in drips and drabs, and then carry on on their way. We can only wait and hope Jaco turns back eventually.

I don't know whether one of the sweepers is sent after him, but eventually Jaco pitches up with a dreamy look in his eye, gushing about the beautiful, stunning terrain. He heads off on his circuit and we sit and wait for him to return. Once he is on his way again, we still have a task to do. The route directions need to be turned around, as the race will come along this way again, but from another  point.  The landscape has an alien beauty.

Finally we head back to HQ for a dust-off and some dinner.

By now my finger is very swollen and stiff and I can hardly move it. Clive's partner at WCOC, who's name eludes me at the moment, kindly fetches an ice cream-like splint stick and tapes up my finger.

Dinner is a massive affair - the portions are HUGE! It is good solid boerekos, guaranteed to put meat on your bones and fat on your meat :o  I plough halfway through my plate before I give it up as a lost cause. I also get a taste of the local home made vodka grenadilla mixed with lemonade, and have another 2 beers.

When riders' briefing starts, I again head off to the showers. It has been a long, dusty day and Robert already warned me that we'll be leaving early the next morning to set off another special.

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Re: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going
« Reply #25 on: October 05, 2019, 04:29:14 pm »
Lekka Ri, great report  :thumleft: The homemade grenadilla mix is a Karoo speciality called Pittekou (somehow Pip Eating doesn't have the same ring to it). It's commonly made from Vodka, grenadilla pips, sugar and pineapple juice. I make it regularly for my pub at home but prefer using Bacardi white rum to Vodka  :thumleft:
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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #26 on: October 05, 2019, 04:51:06 pm »
Day 6

I sleep a bit better and am ready to face the day. I grab coffee and breakfast from the wonderful ladies who were up at the crack of dawn to prepare this for us. Breakfast is a footlong roll filled with ham, cheese and scrambled eggs. I dutifully chomp it down, and don't have to eat for the rest of the day. Robert again grabs us some snack packs, and then Arlene heads me off. For my own protection she insists that I fill in the volunteer form, so that I can claim if I inadvertently get hurt in the line of "duty".

Robert Gibbon and Nicol, one of our indomitable sweepers, waking up and getting ready for the day.

John puts on his most pleasant "morning" face.

Soon we're on the road. We turn off on the Soutpan road I limped in on with my flat tyre. At the gate where I passed through the farm, we turn left onto Spaarbos Road and wait for the riders to rock up.

The riders turn up and true to form immediately go wet the fence.

The riders have done their homework, and tell us that we're not at the start of the rally. We follow the GPS and end up about 1.5km further along the trail than we thought we should be. All the riders agree that this is Point Zero.

Willem Avenant in good spirits :thumleft:


As the riders discuss the situation, a plastic suddenly roars past.

It turns out that the rally circuit joins the gold circuit exactly where they kick off. I make my way further down the road to the bend where I watch for any oncoming traffic. Many of the riders overcook the corner or misread their GPS and head too wide, and I quickly try to wave them onto the right track so our riders can be off too.

But our riders are more relaxed today

Plastics incoming!

Finally our guys line up and get ready to ride

When everyone has set off, we head to Halfway House again. This time there is a DSP and the atmosphere is quite festive. The riders are doing the same circuit as yesterday, but this time they are heading in opposite direction from the day before. It should all look very familiar to our rally riders.

Taking off like a rocket!


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #27 on: October 05, 2019, 04:54:51 pm »
Day 6 (cont'd)

Devan comes in with an injury. He had fallen and hit his chin on his handlebars, splitting his chin and what not. Someone had patched him up very well and there is a huge plaster on his cheek. His supporters wrestle him to the ground and keep an eye on him while we wait for the ambulance to come take a look at him. A tent is erected to provide some shade.

Paramedics arrive. They put him in a neckbrace and carry him off, deeming him unfit to continue the race.

Everyone gives a hand to help fuel up the racers so they can get going ASAP

The quads start coming in (there were 3) and it is carnage. This one has three flat tyres and a slow puncture in the fourth.

This man is FAST!


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #28 on: October 05, 2019, 04:55:32 pm »
Day 6 (cont'd)

The Silver circuit finishes here, and riders can return to Race Control in their own time.

However one of the Silvers, Ricky, has a problem: her bike won't start. The guys tow it and try other things, but eventually we just load it onto the bakkin and head back to Race Control with the cheerful Ricky.

The incongruity of the Droomers Yamaha on the Husqvarna Eddy2Race bakkie tickles my silly sense of humour.

Clive takes his passengers to see a bit of the terrain that we saw yesterday.

This turns out to be fortunate, as one of the ladies (Nadine?) picks up a long piece of wire in her back tyre. Clive is closest and is able to drive to assist the lady with detangling her bike from the wire. There is no further damage to the bike, and the lady continues.

We start heading back, and soon have a flat tyre which Robert plugs... twice. We pick up some fuel cans and get another flat tyre. The whole is too big to plug, and we change the tyre.

On the way back the twice-plugged tyre picks up another gash. We change this tyre as well (Robert had fortunately brought 3 spare tyres). However this tyre is looking a bit deflated, and his compressor had burnt out. They try to bridge the compressor and only manage to burn it out some more. Robert calls to Cornie for help, and he stops alongside with his compressor. We crawl back to Race Control praying not to pick up more flats.

Cornie in the meantime is on his way to tell one of the racers, a lady by name of Kim I think, how much distance she still has to do, and to give her a headlight so she can continue to race in the dark if she chooses. With the new real time tracking, they would know soon enough if she were in trouble.

Then there is nothing to do but eat, drink, and wait a little nervously for our late arrivals.

Nicol the valiant sweeper

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Re: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going
« Reply #29 on: October 05, 2019, 05:23:59 pm »
It is always so much fun spectating these events! :) Exciting stuff :D Will have to read this in more detail once I finish my ride report :ricky:
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Re: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going
« Reply #30 on: October 05, 2019, 05:32:51 pm »

Een van die meer detailed rr in lang tyd op hierdie forum  :thumleft:

Goeie werk Riana  :thumleft:
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Re: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going
« Reply #31 on: October 05, 2019, 05:37:15 pm »
It is always so much fun spectating these events! :) Exciting stuff :D Will have to read this in more detail once I finish my ride report :ricky:

I was waiting for you to finish so I can start, but you were taking so looong :laughing4:

I worry I'll forget stuff.


Een van die meer detailed rr in lang tyd op hierdie forum  :thumleft:

Goeie werk Riana  :thumleft:

Dankie Oppie :thumleft:

Ek is bevrees jy gaan verveeld raak, ek is nog nie eers halfpad met die RR nie :lamer:
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Re: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going
« Reply #32 on: October 05, 2019, 08:08:32 pm »
Day 6 (cont'd)

The first day of the rally, I accepted Robert's offer of beer, but John refused, as he was on duty. Robert also only drank coffee, cooldrinks and water. He also had a big bag of chili bites to rival @VaalBaas' masterpieces :drif:

Today, as I'm now sort of signed up as volunteer to help Robert and John, I curb my beer drinking with dismay. I don't particularly like carbonated drinks other than as a mixer, and the Energade is sweet. I alternate coffee, Energade and water to keep me hidrated this day. Back at Race Control, I head for the bar and the sheep doser hanging from the roof, filled with brandy. I ask for a double and after some muted discussion, 4 squirts of brandy are deposited into a smallish cup and filled up with ice and Coke. I take a sip and almost choke, coughing vigorously at the unexpected strength of the drink. I immediately ask for a can of Coke, and start topping up the drink as I sip, to dilute it. 

I'm sitting to the side of the stoep out of the public eye, next to John, and Robert sidles up and asks for a sip of my drink. He is still sort of on duty and doesn't want to be seen drinking. I warn him of its strength and he takes a big sip, saying it tastes just fine. I invite him to help himself any time, since he so kindly kept me in beer the previous day and later on today when we went off duty.

Later on I pass the bar to go fetch our dinners, and Elanie, one of the ladies helping out, calls me aside and apologises for the maxi double I got earlier. Apparently there had been some misunderstanding of the size of a double due to a joke that had been played on someone the previous year. I laugh and tell her it's fine, as long as they only charge me for a normal double. We chat a while, and she tells me about all her travels and life around the Karoo, about the little dogs (all Jack Russells) running around, their personalities and their quirks. She's very interested to hear that I rode here on a motorbike by myself.

I also meet Willem Avenant's family who came along to support him - his wife and cute little daughter, his brother (who could pass for his double), and his father with a megalense camera. The oom looks a bit dour, but whenever Willem is near, his chest puffs so much his feet almost lift off the ground. He doesn't say much but he is clearly very proud of his son. He is also very much into his photography, and happy to discuss it at length.

Riders' briefing is very late, after times are checked and posted. Poor John sits in the kitchen trying to keep the GPSs and his wits about him, wiping and loading tracks for each day. He is exhausted after the long day of organising everyone, and I help where I can, fetching and carrying for him.

Side note on rallies

A rally is fascinating. There are numerous people involved; officials from various organisations need to officiate. For instance there was a tall young man, originally from KwaZulu Natal. He was the official time keeper, trained and properly accredited and everything. His brother was also one, and had moved to Cape Town. The brother hadn't been available to officiate at this event, or there was a double booking, so he came instead. He had gotten involved with time keeping when he or his his brother started offroad racing, if I recall correctly.

There is a clerk of the course, who had the final say in any decisions regarding the course. It was he who decided that only the second circuit would count on the first day's special, when we bungled the direction.

There is an official affiliated with some SA organisation to do with offroad racing, even though she is also working with the WCOC.

There are a number of paramedics involved, camped just outside the camp with their vehicles. My tent was near theirs and they seemed to be having a good time in all, kuiering late into the night ::)

There are those who assist with everything because they know something about everything, such as Robert and John who have been involved with the rally for some years now. They fetch and carry and run and pick up and lend assistance where needed. For instance, on the first day, a rider complained that his tracks wasn't showing on his GPS, and Clive gave him a loaner. The tracking and surveillance guy, Sarel, eventually found that the fix was to download a firmware update. After that the GPS was good to go.

Then there are marshals, some in 4x4s and some on motorbikes. They are equipped with radios and ride to the deserted corners of the track, ready to spring into action as needed. I think they had the longest days, as they were up and out before everyone else, and only came back to the camp when everyone else had returned. I really take my hat off to these okes like @Fuzzy Muzzy, Nicol and others.

Sarel, the tracking and surveillance guy, apparently came of his own volition to assist with the tracking and surveillance of all the riders. Trackers were programmed for each rider, and fitted to each bike. He had a laptop showing him the positioning and number of available satellites, and a huge screen with a map of the track, showing the position of each rider as they progressed. It was fascinating. He had had the software developed himself, and was finding more and more applications for it. Looking at the satellites, he could judge where and when there would be dead spots, and when the trackers would update and the screen was refreshed.

Patiently he sat at his screens all day, monitoring the riders and alerting the powers-that-be when someone was stationary for too long. They could then quickly dispatch one of the marshalls to check out the situation. During this late night he diligently tracked the riders still out on the route - Hanli, the 3 Musketeers and the Lone Rider Nicol - and assured that they were indeed on the move and not lying in a ditch in the dark. This allowed them to complete the route for the day, when otherwise they would have been headed off and corralled back to camp.

And then of course there is Clive, spending many a weekend in the Karoo, chatting to the farmers, finding challenging routes for the riders, and marking them out. Ideally the course marshals should accompany him to get to know all the routes as well, John mentioned, and I know that @Fuzzy Muzzy spent a few weekends here. It takes real commitment and a great effort to get everything in place, and afterwards to go around and remove the flags and markers. John said the cleaning up operation takes months.

If I have my way, I might become involved as a marshall next year. Ride the course for weekends before the racers get here, burn up in the hot sun making sure they are all OK, and then riding these awesome tracks back to base each day... I think I can do that :ricky:


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #33 on: October 06, 2019, 01:07:35 pm »
Day 7

Despite a late night (the medics must have chatted next to my tent until 1 am in the morning) I'm up again bright and early. Today we're setting of the rally guys again. We leave a bit later than planned, because Robert has to wait for all his tyres to be fixed. We crawl to the start of the next special, wary of more punctures.

Yesterday, this had been a DSP and the spot where we had picked up our second puncture of the day. Today, the tyres behaved themselves a bit better.

A sweeper (Nicol?) arrives, and then the racers start showing up. Nadine unfortunately misses this start because Clive has taken her to fetch her bike that she had to abandon in the riverbed the previous night.

The special ends at the back of Halfway House again, and Robert carries extra fuel for those who need to refuel for the next stage.


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #34 on: October 06, 2019, 01:27:58 pm »
Day 7 (cont'd)

Then we wait again, and soon the riders start pouring in.

The top guys from Honda show up as well. The one on the left's name is Riaan and I notice in one post on the Honda posts, his nick is "Ri-Ri". I feel so devalued :spitcoffee: Lovely guy, and very passionate about the brand.

Fuelling up

Where's my fuel, Dude?

It looks like @Bill the Bong is kicking his bike in the background :lol8:

@detour shows up in good time


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #35 on: October 06, 2019, 01:28:53 pm »
Day 7 (cont'd)

Then the Honda team rocks up

It was great to see how the big bosses gathered round to help fix up any issues on the bike, and help with the fuelling etc.

The guys don't have to get going again immediately, and they take a break on the stoep of the Halfway House, getting something to drink and/or eat

Peeping ... er... tom?

Bosses still tweaking the Honda

Finally it's time for the racers to get going again


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #36 on: October 06, 2019, 01:39:26 pm »
Day 7 (cont'd)

We head off on into the farmlands to wait for the rally racers to reach us. There they will be set off again. Here Clive and his passengers meet up with us, followed by Nadine on her KTM500, ready to carry on racing.

John is full of rocky knowledge. He would pick up a stone, inspect it minutely, and then hurl it off into the distance.

These jagged little white fillings were apparently forced into these holes by glaciers as they scraped over the area millennia ago.

Nadine, waiting for the other racers

... and here they come

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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #37 on: October 06, 2019, 01:45:19 pm »
Day 7 (cont'd)

Here they go again!

"An egg! An egg! My kingdom for an egg!"

Tiny little hole in the radiator, dripping water. Clive's wife donated some gum to the cause, and Clive duct taped a bottle of water onto the back of the seat. As far as we can determine, this was enough to get him to the finish line of this stage


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #38 on: October 06, 2019, 02:47:20 pm »
Day 7 (cont'd)

We head a little way up the road and decide to wait here for the racers to pass. John takes the opportunity to educate us a little. This leads to chicken fever among the ladies, walking around eyes on the ground, bending every now and then to pick up and then discard a rock.

Giving some clarity on the directions

At one point Nadine comes to a stop, and said she was considering going back to HQ. She'd had a bad fall in the riverbed and had hurt her ankle. Clive told her the route ahead wasn't too bad and she might be able to finish it. She decided to bite the bullet and carry on, but we could see from the way she rode, that she was favouring her right ankle. She did however manage to finish the stage, and well done to her!

When all the racers have passed, we head back to HQ as our work is mostly done for now. I take a stroll around and sommer pay all my drinking debt, so I can start fresh that night for the celebrations >:D

Sarel monitoring the racers' progress

The lovely farm ladies who hosted us and prepared our meals. Elanie is the one bending over the tabs book, trying to tally my totals.

I bought two raffle tickets but I didn't win. Just as well, I'm not a fan of pizza, or of cooking in general, although I heartily applaud and appreciate the labours of others.

Cornie, the owner fo Rooiputs, with is little Jack Russell on his lap. That dog bites any other hand that touches it. To his left is Clive's wife, a patient, wise and good humoured lady, or as John puts it, "a real sweetie".

In the meantime, Robert arranged for one of the Eddie2Race mechanics to help fix my back tyre. When later I ran into the mechanic, Siya, at the bar, I thanked him for changing my tube, and he berated me for not having a heavy duty tube for my tyre. I told him I ususally have one, but I'd given it to someone on the road who needed a tyre. I then couldn't get another heavy duty tube in time.

I offered to buy Siya and his friend a drink. They opted for a clean double brandy each, and threw it back like a shooter. I insisted that for their labours, one drink wasn't enough and bought them another each. Siya was so touched by my gesture that he insisted I come by their tent so he could install a heavy duty tube for me. I really appreciated the offer and thanked Siya, but I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of riding off on an Eddy2Race heavy duty tube, and didn't take him up on it.


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Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Tankwa XC Rally
« Reply #39 on: October 06, 2019, 02:50:05 pm »
Day 7 (cont'd)

Finally all the riders were in the kraal, all the times were checked, and it was time for the prize giving.

Our friendly and very helpful hostesses during the event

Cornie, who's property it is and who facilitated with many of the farmers to organise routes over their land. A hearty, jovial fellow who every time he saw me said, "Haai Rrrrrri!" Salt of the earth. He is always ready to give a helping hand, and goes above and beyond to assist us. He is also very involved in and passionate about the rally.