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Author Topic: April Tankwa Qualifier 2020?  (Read 3054 times)

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Re: April Tankwa Qualifier 2020?
« Reply #80 on: April 21, 2020, 04:34:59 pm »
with all the ride cancellations , looking at upcoming events, this one looks interesting, I see vintage is pre 2005 ??? , might look at it on a 82 DR 500. Wondering about mounting all that navigation stuff on an old bike,  do you need all this stuff on vintage bike, looking at the web site they seemed to be combined with the sept event now, if we back on stream. any input fron guys in the know, Beserker :deal:
Once we are allowed to ride post covid.... we will update -  For Vintage just do GPS - Only Rally will be on road book.  it is a good option to run 2 x GPS one set on about 80m-100m elevation and the second at 200-500m (this depends on your style but in tech sections 80m elevation for sure).

We will update as soon as we can - for now our direction &  routes are 90 % done. We will then need to do necessary Danger markings & road crossings etc... again it is the next level !    always happy to answer any questions, pls just ask - Lets hope for some freedom to ride soon.
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