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Author Topic: A short breakfast Tweespoor Detour  (Read 544 times)

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A short breakfast Tweespoor Detour
« on: March 29, 2020, 06:12:56 pm »
A lazy breakfast ride to Kleinmond turned into a bit of an off-road ride.
Going there we enjoyed a slow ride along Clarens Drive, relishing the morning breeze and quiet road. Breakfast at the Sandown restaurant in Kleinmond was tasteful and relaxed. We enjoyed the absence of the crowded feeling one gets at the Kleinmond Harbour restaurants.
Many people were enjoying the morning on the sandy beach and the lagoon.

Riding back we tried to ride along the sea as much as possible, taking every street that appeared to be heading towards the sea.
Some worked out, many had us turning back to the main road.
Near the turn-off to Pringle Bay was a road block and we slowed down to crawl. We were not stopped.

The next moment Geo pointed to the left. A tweespoor dirt road winding into the veld, and a sliding gate.
But the sliding gate is open......

"Kom ons kyk waar gaan dit heen!"

The turn-off viewed towards Pringle Bay village.

I had to follow because he was already down the tweespoor and past the gate. I was quite apprehensive of what to expect. I had my wife as a pillion and I was very worried that this precious cargo might get hurt if the road becomes difficult.

Well, it turned out to be a very pleasant tweespoor.
Intitially along fynbos, past some side roads that leads to places that were invisible beyond the fynbos.
The tweespoor was narrow, with fynbos right beside your shoulder. The middelman was fairly high, fortunately one never needed to cross over to the other spoor.
The spoor itself was covered with gravel all the way.
Two stretches were a bit difficult. The gravel here was quite large and caused the bike to feel very loose. Besides that, the spoor was quite deep and narrow. You had to concentrate very hard to keep your line, not climbing up the side of the spoor - a sure danger of slipping back down into the spoor and losing your balance. I felt quite taxed, especially because I had a precious pillion.
At one stage I could clearly feel my concentration to drop. I stopped for a quick recovery break. I was quite surprised to find my hands cramping. I think it was more due to tension because of the pillion, than tension due to the gravel. But then, this section of gravel was quite deep orange.

After a while the surf became visible, and we were met by the pleasant smell of the sea. To the right was the majestic Rooiels mountain.
We stopped below the Rooiels cave. Archeologists found ancient artifacts in and around this cave, some dating back close to 2000 years.

The history of this area is much more interesting than I expected, see xplorio.com/pringle-bay/en/about/history/

Taking a rest among many tiny colorful wild flowers.

Approaching Rooiels village.

The tweespoor carries on for another kilometer, reaching a closed gate close to Rooiels.

Fortunately there is an escape route past some heavy rocks, barely wide enough for the boxer engine of the GS. 

I did not see any road sign that indicates No Entry or No Motorcycles. So, presumably it is a public road and therefore accessible to anyone.
I do not know whether the Southern gate (that was open) has an escape route for motorcycles. If you enter through the escape on the Northern entrance, you may find the Southern gate closed and no escape route. Well, then turn back and enjoy the full distance back.
Beyond the gate is a wide dirt road to Rooiels village, where you join the R44.

What a pleasant little surprize tweespoor detour!
A slow ride back to Gordons Bay and an ice cream cone at the Strand boulevard.

A map showing the 5km tweespoor detour.

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Re: A short breakfast Tweespoor Detour
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2020, 07:56:11 pm »
Thank you. Amazing these little gems that pop up every now and then. Maybe the locked gate was because it is a heritage site with the cave and all
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Re: A short breakfast Tweespoor Detour
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2020, 08:09:32 pm »
Very nice GK .  :3some:

Thanks for sharing. Will be sure to look up the path when I go ride again .  :ricky:
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Re: A short breakfast Tweespoor Detour
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2020, 10:01:01 pm »
What a lekker ride you had there Geel Kameel.
I did some work on one of the properties leading of from that road many years ago.
Entered and left via Rooiels, but always wondered weather that road ran through.

Just for interest sake there is a similar road linking Pringle Bay and Betty's Bay aswell, according to the locals (a few years ago) this road was however more sand than road with the local municipality not doing maintenance as it wasn't seen as a main road of sorts.

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