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Author Topic: KTM 300 vs Yamaha YZ250X  (Read 2162 times)

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Re: KTM 300 vs Yamaha YZ250X
« Reply #60 on: April 09, 2020, 05:21:51 pm »
Look let's be honest, if it's your first dirt bike, pretty much anything will do the job better than you can. Don't over think it. Get a budget and buy any good condition enduro bike.

This is where the Yamaha is strong, check the price difference between it and the KTM/Husky, it is huge.

And if you do not much care for a E-start and hydraulic clutch, you can spend the R40 000 you save on holidays.

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Re: KTM 300 vs Yamaha YZ250X
« Reply #61 on: April 09, 2020, 08:13:01 pm »
Dont know the current price, but the YZX could be had for 65K beginning last year.

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Re: KTM 300 vs Yamaha YZ250X
« Reply #62 on: April 10, 2020, 10:49:12 am »
@Crankshaft, yes I should've spelt it out better.

There are 100's of happy 2018 TPI owners, but we cannot ignore the fact that a small percentage of the 1st 2 batches had their problems and the 7 maps released in the same year speaks volumes about it.  Wilst the men in white coats were still scratching their hard hats, the internet jockeys found multiple "solutions" to rectify some issues and or "refine" their bikes.

Idle mods and head skims and different ecu's and fuelling modules and and and originated from multiple IP addresses globally.

Long story short, KTM did not have their mapping 100% sorted as yet and lots of them suffered piston and barrel damage from it as well as all the "solutions" from these crazy tuners. 

In my humble opinion,  chances of finding a clean non fiddled 2018 model is very slim although there were 100's of happy owners without issues. A risk im personally not willing to take hence I waited to buy when there were only 5 2019's left in GP.

52hrs without a hickup with a bone stock bike. I fitted a 51T rear but its personal preference only.

I bought  the last 2018 carb 300 that KTM Cape Town sold. Luv simplicity. Bike have now 40 hours on. Luv the bike. But the carb is like dog. When you leave it for a week there is a puddle under it. I always close the tap. The 2013 never did it. This being said. The bike is realy fast. Would take the the 250 next. This coming from a roof rider that had about 8 300s.

Very insightful.I own older 300 's,  a low hour 2011 well kept and a low hour 2013 model ( clearly don't ride enough  :laughing4: ). Strangely, I prefer riding the older bike, although its more sensitive to correct ( or incorrect ) fueling. I am curious as to why you would want to change to a 250.

If I can add on the 250 vs 300 debate, sticking to the Austrian stable.

Ive been 92 +- 2K for the last several years (dropped some Krismis pudding and sitting pretty at 84 now but thats besides the point) and I have extensively races 200,250,300.

For an extremely long day the 250 does not wear you out as much but in certain situations it will require a tad bit more finesse or skill or else you will be punished.  The 250 is extremely capable (I completed 2014 Silver roof with a 2014 250) but gear selection is way more crucial or else it might punish you.  In a tricky situation where you are idling in 2nd-3rd gear you might get away with using the clutch on the 300 for a ledge whereas on the 250 not so much.  If you are mindful and adapted to the 250 and your square edges arent a problem then you wouldve know to be in 2nd gear even before you reach the obstacle.

Have not had the chance to test 250 vs 300 back to back on TPI platform but from my TPI experience if I was given the opportunity to buy a new bike again I would have to seriously think long and hard to make the choice as the linear power delivery of the TPI is unrivaled at this point in time and im pretty sure that a modern 250 will be able to put down similar torque if not more than previous generation 300's.

Without hijacking the tread. Let me first put it out there. Think Yamaha builds great engines. Charl Moolman do stuff on his Yamaha 250's that is not human. That bike is tuff as nails. Think the question is as Dwerg says. Price and quality first. You can buy second hand lemons. People do not always look after their bikes.

Me looking at the 250 is what Tman21 say. The new bikes are just so much smoother than the older models. Had a 2006 300. That thing was a rocket ship. Terrible bike.Then got a 2007 with e start. What a brilliant bike.Then after that the newer bikes all felt like that. Then rode a new 250. It just felt lighter than my 300.Me getting older and hopefully wiser.It  just felt powerful and smooth enough.