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Author Topic: KLE 650 rear brake problem ABS, applies to other Kawa & BMW  (Read 914 times)

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KLE 650 rear brake problem ABS, applies to other Kawa & BMW

For the last year the  back brake on the Versys that my son gave me has not been nice to use. It has felt a bit like pushing through treacle with a slow take up and a slow release. Recently it moved on to the next stage of a lock up on the pedal. I assumed it was a master cylinder malfunction but it was the ABS pump unit jammed shut causing a hydraulic lock. A new ABS unit would cost more than the value of the bike. However, you can disconnect the master side with it's brass pipe and join it to the caliper line. You will need to remove the rear monoshock unit and run the brass pipe over the frame member to the caliper otherwise it may catch in the monoshock. I blocked off the unused rear brake connections to the ABS pump (10mm fine.)The ABS for the front and the ABS sensors and warning light work as normal, go figure! I have to say I prefer it with the rear brake off the ABS. This is apparantly a very common fault on many Kawas with ABS and also the BMW GS which used the same pump & solenoid assembly.
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