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Author Topic: 2021 - Big Red Pigs in Kenya - Season 6  (Read 2344 times)

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« Reply #60 on: November 07, 2021, 04:45:48 pm »
Hmmm... I'm pretty sure there's an old motorcycle adage that says if something is wrong, just ignore it and it'll go away... right?

Above: XRR rear linkage gone the way of my hub a year ago... no bearings makes things go pear shaped... literally!

Damned if I hadn't been hearing a squeak for possibly as long as a year... maybe more. I figured it was the sump guard or the radiator guard or my ass cheeks rubbing together, so I ignored it. And ignored it. And ignored it. Thing with the Pig is, she never misbehaves, so if something's different, it's different for the worse. The other thing is, bad things can happen to the Pig and you won't even notice it because she's absolutely beastly, overengineered, and amazing. That goes for punctures... been down the road for miles before I noticed the tyre had gone flat (and by the time I did notice, the tube AND the tyre were cut on stones), been down the road for half a day dropping rear wheel bearings out on the road before one whole side finally gave up the ghost and the brake disk started howling, and now this... Had I not removed the rear wheel the other day to change a broken spoke, I would never have noticed that the linkage bearings were shot. One of them was missing entirely, but I swear I didn't notice.

Oh my poor Piggy...
Alas and alack,
But Panic had a spare
So she's back on the track!


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Re: 2021 - Big Red Pigs in Kenya - Season 6
« Reply #61 on: November 12, 2021, 01:52:49 pm »
 :thumleft: :sip:
"Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

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2021 11 - From Clutching to Crutching...
« Reply #62 on: November 14, 2021, 08:52:19 pm »
After a year marooned in South Africa, our mate Kolobus returned to Kenya for work and a crew of happy folks organized a ride/camping trip to celebrate. I got my two XR650Rs ready… oil changes, tyre changes, etc… and handed him the key to my beloved Desert Pig. Our Groundhog-Days-Covid-Lockdown crew packed 4x4s with drinks, food, tents, tables, chairs (yep), dogs and kids and headed off for Mt Suswa early Saturday morning and I planned a track for Kolobus, Panic, Jimbob and I to take us the long way up there with the idea of getting there in the mid afternoon to settle in, drink beers and watch the sunset. Plans have a funny way of changing…

Above: Quarry stop. Check things over, pee, and regroup. I was riding my Nimble Pig (not looking so nimble with the large tank, (back right)) and Kolobus was on my old faithful Desert Pig (front right). My plan was to try to dial in Nimble’s suspension on this ride, so I was often flopped in the dirt clicking the clickers. Got it pretty decent, but nothing compares to the original Desert Pig with her Precision Concepts built shock and Race Tech Valving up front.

Above: The top-gear ripper down to Mi46. Panic has begun to show his stuff for the camera lately. Much appreciated, old boy! Not very far along and I got a pinch flat… further evidence that the suspension isn’t keeping up with the riding. I haven’t pinched Desert Pig in a million years…

Above: Kolobus and Panic at the Mi-46 11 O’Clock beer stop. Just one little refresher before we blast over and up and away.

Above: Jimbob fiddling with his GPS… turns out you need to connect the wires if you want it to charge… Who knew? Get a load of the old Masai guy with the lolly-pop... only in Kenya

Above: Kolobus cut chunks of home-made biltong on the edge of the pool table labelled AK-47…

The little break at Mi-46 was lengthened by a mere 5 minutes as I identified a nail-hole in Kolobus’s rear tyre and proceeded to plug it with bacon strips. I’ve been running Tu-Bliss on the Pig on the rear tyre for several years now. So far, it’s saved me several hours of trail-side tyre repair. It’s not perfect… carrying that high pressure pump around and worrying the little bladder will die isn’t great, but those quick repairs sure are.

Above: Installing my bacon strips in a swarm of onlooking kids. Looks like I’m being swallowed by a swarm of little demons while Jimbob just laughs.

From Mi46 it’s another ripper down to the “ButtBrothers” turn off that takes you up the side of Mt. Olegorsaile. It’s rocky then it’s flat and dusty, then rocky and drifty, then utter feshfesh madness up to Oltepesi where we stopped for, yes, another restful beer break!

Above: Jimbob ripping the flat section

Above: Like the Evil Queen from Snow White and her mirror, I got distracted by my shiny clutch cover protector… got bored one day and hit it with the polishing wheels. I didn’t have the patience to make it properly shiny though, and anyway I ride too much and too hard to try to keep it pretty all the damn time, so I quit there.

Above: My beautiful bike and the dust of my hooligan friends way out in the distance.

Above: Down the road a bit we wound up in a tower of giraffe

Above: … and here you have a hoard of bikers in their natural habitat.

Above: The Oltepesi beer hole. That place feels very Wild-West. Shame Kenya doesn’t have tumbleweeds, because the dust blowing down the street, the big mama who runs the beer joint and the hoards of random guys roaming around up to no good really fits. Granted, the Lingala music blasting from the bar doesn’t quite match old timey Wild-West stuff, but this is Africa.

After the Oltepesi beer stop, we ripped the Najile road. That sucker is so much fun. It’s long, fast, rocky, dusty, beat to shit and still quick as hell. There are jumps (meant to be speed bumps I think), drifts, hammering stony climbs… everything the Pig enjoys. I thought my Nimble was doing fairly well on it as well, right up until the Najile-Ewaso stretch… that lava flow that sends KTM riders home broken to their mamas. I took off after Panic and gave it my best, but the hits were so violent, I had to throttle back before I lost control. Kolobus rolls up to us a half minute later happy as a clam on Desert Pig. Jimbob on the 350 EXC… well, rumour has it he’s still having nightmares.

Above: Kolobus hammering the rocks and dust.

Alas, the good times were about to come to a screeching halt. Half an hour later, not long after the fesh infested entrance at the base of Mt. Suswa, Kolobus got bit by a sand snake and took a big fall on some hard earth. He lost the front a bit, gave it a bit of gas to catch it, caught it and lost it the other way. Trying to get up again, it was clear it was game over. His foot wouldn’t support his weight. So, we made calls up the mountain, and calls to the flying doctors. Panic rode up to get the car, and the crazy vet swooped down to grab him and take him to hospital. We tried to get him out on a helicopter like Wry awhile back, but it was too late in the day and the injury wasn’t severe enough. AMREF flying doctors has their (unwritten and totally haphazard) codes of conduct I suppose. They offered a ground ambulance, but the 100 Series Land Cruiser was a much better option.

Above: Dusty and not going anywhere fast. Kolobus keeps his foot in the air. We were warned by the vet not to take his boot off...

Above: …so we took his boot off. He wanted to see how bad it was. It was definitely swollen and stiff, so we whacked a SAM splint on there (second time I’ve used one of those on a riding buddy… now Rawlance of a Labia has a SAM Splint Buddy) and kept it elevated. After an hour, the car arrived and we scooted him inside.

Above: A cold beer for the road, and off they went, joking all the while. He was in no pain as long as he didn’t put weight on it, so we felt pretty confident he’d be okay. So, Panic astride my Desert Piggy, we rode up to the campsite like bats out of hell...

Above: Beautiful light just before the campsite. Panic was enjoying. Even pulled a big wheelie on my bike in front of me! That’s like kissing another guy’s girlfriend!

Above: At camp it was a royal feast. Plenty of snacks, beers and a big meal. Pixie lights in the trees, a nice doggy to pet and everything. We sat around the fire in big comfy chairs and only called it quits after a few pulls on the Black Label bottle for good measure. I then precariously climbed up the roof-tent ladder and collapsed in a heap between my two kids who were already snoring and hogging all the room. It was fantastic, though I kept dreaming the car was rolling into the crater with us on top of it…

Following day, we managed to pack up 2 cars worth of stuff onto one, parked my Nimble Pig at Kiano’s house for eventual collection, and took off, blurry of head and in with very little ambition for much more than the rocky SGR track (another rocky ripper) and some grub.

Above: Leaving our calling card on a smooth section of the SGR track

Back home and time to check on the patient. Some texts had come through telling the story. Broken bones oh my! Bye-bye lateral malleolus of the fibula, hello clunky foot brace and crutches! Soon enough, surgery, resting, healing and a bit more hobbling around and then Kolobus will be right as rain. His XRR in RSA will be waiting for him to come home and fix her up nice like my lovely Desert Piggy he so shamelessly splatted into the dirt!

Above: Kolobus checks in

Sorry it ended like it did, Kolobus, but you’ll be up an on the throttle in no time with your unwavering positive attitude! We need more of that in our lives man. Be well and heal quickly.


Oh, and here's a little clip of video from the day:
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Re: 2021 - Big Red Pigs in Kenya - Season 6
« Reply #63 on: November 16, 2021, 12:40:02 pm »
Fantastic as always. Sorry about your mates injury.
When in doubt...grab throttle!!!
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