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Author Topic: Karoo roadbook training ride 24 - 26 april Murraysburg with Willem Avenant  (Read 998 times)

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Offline XT JOE

We have finally finalised our electronic roadbook bundle.
We are doing final testing this week but will start taking pre orders soon.

My goal is not to make money but to get as many people into rally as possible by bringing down cost.  At this point we dont have a fixed price but we will be looking at between R15-20 k

The idea with the “e-rally bundle” is to do away with traditional cap, roadbook and odo and combine it all in one tablet.

The bundle will include:

1 x specialised rally android tablet that can also be used for every day use

1 x bluetooth controller with later option of wired controller for redundancy for thr more serious racers (you would be able to use your normal thumbswitch for the wired option)

1 x handlebar mount for tablet that can also be used for traditional rally light set up

If you are interested let me know as we would like to get an idea of numbers. The more we are the cheaper we can make it.

It can also be used for normal adventure riding.

Drop me a message privately or email wravenant@gmail.com
When life gets to hard to stand. kneel

Offline XT JOE

Electronic roadbook setup is ready, here is a quick review after 4 days of riding, will make some small change. -

When life gets to hard to stand. kneel