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Author Topic: Blitz Travel vs Slow Exploration  (Read 173 times)

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Blitz Travel vs Slow Exploration
« on: February 19, 2021, 10:18:22 am »
Read an interesting topic on ADVRider, regarding blitz travel vs slow exploration.

I used to be a smell the roses, purist, ride the bike to where you want to go kind of guy.  Life then happened spectacularly over the last decade or so, career took off, ongoing education, started a family, moved to the city, lots of time spent endurance training, trying to maintain family and friendships and somehow I find myself just without time.  I guess it's a situation that most are familiar with.

Having said all that, I still *need* to ride my bike.  The fact that I'm required to squeeze as much biking as possible into limited time a couple of times a year was a huge part of the reason why I changed from a 990 to a 500.  This also means that the riding has changed drastically (no wasting time, trailer as fast as possible to remote destination and go).  We optimised to the extent that we can leave Windhoek on Thursday morning, do an Angola loop including all the cool gnarly bits and be back home Tuesday.  VZP is a 3 day trip.  Damaraland leave early Saturday, ride the rivers, back home late Sunday night.

I know that I obviously miss out on a lot, and I dearly miss those soul trips where you just head off in a direction, no real plan, just follow your feelings. No itinerary, no chasing waypoints or arrival times.  One positive is that even though the trips are relatively short and intense, you still get to spend some real quality time with your mates and the older I get the more cherish and realise the importance of these relationships.  Nothing like a good friend calling you out on your bullshit and ensuring you keep an even keel.

I guess I can't really change anything without compromising some other aspect of my life.  I'd be interested to hear how other people do it - what do you prioritise, what compromises do you make.  Do you feel you're missing out somehow or are you happy that you're making the best of the situation?
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Re: Blitz Travel vs Slow Exploration
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2021, 01:22:41 pm »
For me, I just love riding.

I very seldom stop, even less chatting with anyone, almost to the point where I am annoyed if someone walks up to me.  I have done waaaii over 120 000km criss crossing SA since 2014. Also included 'over the first river' into Africa.  As I do all video's while riding I  fell even deeper into the 'Never stop to appreciate' but rather 'catch it in Camera' habit.  This meant that I do around 500km gravel per day without issues. Each trip will also include at least one technical 4x4 ish section.  I also do not listen to any music while riding.

All this was mostly the result of the fact that most of my trips are work related with a definite arrival date and then a date to be back at the office. (I am self employed)

About 3 years ago I decided to go slower and enjoy the things other than riding as well. It never happened. I then decided to make a DRASTIC change, sold the 800GS and bought a small 300cc Commuter Jan 2020. (Zontes 310T).  I am now forced to ride slower I thought.  Well on tar, yes, but on gravel I basically did the same speeds as before, so I still did 400km plus days. Beginning 2021 it was time to reflect.  I upgraded all my camera gear, got a Drone (actually in 2019 and been with me for more than 30 000km and never used - I DO NOT STOP.)  It seems as if NOTHING could break my addiction to 'Just Ride and enjoy the solitude'.

End Jan 2021 I decided to work extra hard on my 'just riding' fobia,  The trip to my beloved sand road was much better but probably still less than 50% where I wanted to be. As this habit is so ingrained it will take a while to adapt. The main thing is I already enjoy the trips more and return with even better video's.

During 2019 to Windhoek I forced myself to stop every 90 odd minutes to drink a cup of coffee from the flask. It did not really work as I then just 'upped the pace' to catch up on lost time.

To sum up, Your question revolves more around 'how many' than 'how slow'.  I am aiming to be away at least two long weekends per month and then much more 'week away' trips. (wife and kids will enjoy the peace and quiet, so it is a win-win)

Enjoy the ride while you can.

For some trips already on Youtube go here.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC77nA7ja6Dy3rHr-0hITziQ/videos
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Re: Blitz Travel vs Slow Exploration
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2021, 05:20:37 pm »
!993 I started a auto repair business in Stellenbosch, which grew so nicely that we employed 18 people in a joint machanical/panelbeating set-up in town.

But my riding time was less, stress was up and good staff hard to find.  I had to make a decision.

Because my riding was worth so much to me, I parted out the panelbeating to the then manager, and downsized my workshop so severely that it all fitted into my 1115sq.m. residential property.

I became a backyard mechanic.

And it proved to be the best move ever. We were always at home for the kids, and my free time was mine and the families'.

Iow, I tailored my life to suit my needs.

Do it, you're the boss in the end, the manager of your own life.

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Re: Blitz Travel vs Slow Exploration
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2021, 06:20:16 pm »
I have also decided to trailer a small bike so that I can relax and enjoy the views .
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