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Author Topic: Small chinese bikes in Africa  (Read 295 times)

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Offline RobbieH

Small chinese bikes in Africa
« on: March 26, 2021, 06:56:42 am »
So seen some peoole ask again about big bikes or small bikes in Africa.

My humble opinion.

Big bikes work just fine so do new the new ones with all the computers and they very seldom give issues.
I never had 1 on my 1190r.

I will say fuel filters take extra one with as dirty fuel is a real problem.

My only issues through all of Africa were dirty fuel filter and front rim from a potholes. (easily fixed in exery african town even middle of Ethiopia at midnight. Big hammer some locals and 5 dollars while i watched them massacre my front rim) it worked..

Nothing more.

Big bikes in rainy season, pain in the ass slipery and heavy. To much power on the back wheel.

If you going on wet season take small bike. Chinese bikes rode past me with ease in muddy Tanzania. I crashed one day/night 20 times. Pick up. Crash pick up crash.
Extremely exhausting.

If you doing one specific country with risk of mud in rainy season. Buy the bike there and just ride the chinese thing they are amazing.
If you riding from SA id try avoid a bike bike if and i say if you dont want to pick the bike up in the mud and struggle.
Otherwise its a great adventure and war stories for after.

Big bike on tar an absolute pleasure. And you can do SA to Sudan on pristine tarmac if you want.

As one member said. Take whats in your garage.. Its what i did and loved it..

One day ill write a report so many stories.
By the way i did SA to Dubai in 21 days. Mostly tarmac but had plenty dirt by choice.

Regards Robbie

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Re: Small chinese bikes in Africa
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2021, 07:30:13 am »
So true. We did a piece of the Wild Coast ecco trail on bike bikes and it was sheer hell. Weapon of choice should be around a 250cc, nothing more.

Please post some storeies of you travels here  :thumleft:
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