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Author Topic: Check your VIN and Engine Numbers!!!!!  (Read 363 times)

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Check your VIN and Engine Numbers!!!!!
« on: April 07, 2021, 03:47:14 pm »
Delivering a Mog 416 to a Tanzania Buyer tomorrow, had a HELLUVA hard time getting this SAP cleared......may be of help to some:

My Post on 4x4 Community:

Phew........this Green Monster is making me sweat a bit the last couple days at the SAPS Clearance Offices.

It was bought as a 416-117 originally, in 2010.

Then it got a new chassis in 2010, series 416-162.

Chassis Number on the 117 is on the right rear

Number on the 162 is on the right front.......UNLESS its an ex army Buffel, which this one appears to be, its Number is also on the right rear, same as the 117 series (which this is not).

Luckily I got all necessary Docs for proof of the above from my pal the previous owner.

The Guy that sold the Chassis in 2010 should have gotten a SAPS Clearance BUT HE WAS TOO DAMN LAZY.........and its a very well known Mog " Specialist".

So.......Guys, (not only Mog owners......basically EVERYONE).......make sure your chassis number ON the vehicle and Natis chassis number are the same. Dont assume it is - physically go and CHECK it.

This small miniscule detail could ruin a whole holiday, and they WILL impound your car.

If this particular car was to be stopped and inspected at any roadblock or border post........EINA.

But eish..........karre smous is soms NIE maklik nie
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Re: Check your VIN and Engine Numbers!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2021, 09:17:18 am »
Ken jou pyn, het 'n Isuzu by man gekoop wat dit net 3 maande gery het sonder om dit op sy naam te sit, intussen het vorige einaar besluit hy
skraap die kar, inplaas van sy naam af te haal. Vat kar vir padvaardigheid jammer meneer die kar is geskraap jy het polisie klaaring nodige.
Na baie gesukkel die vorige einaar opgespoor om toestemming vir my te gee om polisie klaaring te kry so nou weer gaan probeer vir die 4de keer.

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Re: Check your VIN and Engine Numbers!!!!!
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2021, 09:25:14 am »
When I left Zim in 2002, I arrived in SA with my 1997 Isuzu 250D bakkie. It was assembled in PE and exported to Zim as a new vehicle at the time.

You would think that bringing it back to SA, going through the process of importation with all the checks in place, it would be a formality.

It took me 6 years to get it registered in SA!!!!!

The problem. There was a syndicate who kept records of new vehicles being exported and duplicated their papers, registered them in SA, and using these papers to "legalise" stolen vehicles by substituting them with the duplicate papers of the exported vehicles.

As I said, 6 years it took to resolve it.

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