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Author Topic: Karoo Roadbook Camp 2022 - a taste of rally  (Read 136 times)

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Karoo Roadbook Camp 2022 - a taste of rally
« on: September 09, 2021, 06:23:44 pm »
Karoo Roadbook Camp - a taste of rally
After our very successful second Karoo Roadbook Camp in April 2021, we are starting to plan for 2022.
From our 2021 entrants, 16 went on to do Kalahari Rally  2021, 3 are scheduled for Dakar 2022, and a further 2 are scheduled for Dakar 2023.

We have had loads of requests/interest from adventure riders, so we decided to cater for adv riders as well.
If you want to join in the fun and the rally experience, but don't want to ride with a roadbook, you can do the event on your adventure (or any other non rally bike) with the GPS class.

We want to tailor our upcoming roadbook camp in 2022 to the needs of our entrants, so please take a minute to share your preferences with us so that we can make the event as good as possible for you. Here is the link, it would really help to tell us what exactly you want - https://forms.gle/zUt8FqidZu4Bc8Fn6
We have created the perfect opportunity for you to come and train/practice roadbook riding, or if you are new to the sport, to come and learn how to ride a roadbook. This is not a race, it is a chance for you to experience what a real rally is like, without the stress of a high paced event.
The aim is to create a “rally simulation” to expose you to what a real rally is like. You get everything you will have at a real rally, live tracking and timing, liaison, specials, roadbooks, race briefings, etc, but without the cost of a rally, without cut offs, and without the stress of a high paced race, creating the environment to learn, and to rub shoulders with some seasoned rally racers.
Is this for you?
If you are new to rally, or want to try it out it's an easy way to enter the world of rally. This is a chance to try out a navigational style event without breaking the bank.
If you own a rally bike, and have rally experience and want to get to use your bike (or share your skills and advice), this event is for you, as it will give you a chance to ride roadbooks.

If you don't have a rally bike but want the experience, this is for you, you can join us using a GPS.
The idea is to have a roadbook riding/practice event where we can get to use our rally bikes, learn from each other, enjoy nature, sleep under the Karoo stars, sit around the fire and share rally stories, braai and just have a lekker time at as low as possible of a cost.

Here is the survey again, please help us creat a great event for you - https://forms.gle/zUt8FqidZu4Bc8Fn6

Welcome to contact me with any questions - willem@willemavenantracing.com

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