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Author Topic: The Unicorn adventure tyre?  (Read 2161 times)

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Re: The Unicorn adventure tyre?
« Reply #80 on: November 12, 2021, 08:57:59 am »
I think one needs to decide what you want from a tyre sometimes and give a little in some instances.

For me for pure puncture resistance a Pirelli MT21 front and Mitas E-09 rear just did 10 000km for me without a single puncture.
Infact I have never had a puncture with a Mitas E-09 in tubeliss riding (HP2 , 1200 ADV) or tubed riding ( AT and Tenere 700).

The MT21 is not the greatest feeling tyre as a front and it heal and toes at 5500 kilometers like vcrazy, however I ran two of them in Australia without a single puncture. The first tyre did 6500km and I inflated it when I fitted it to 2 Bar and deflated it when I fitted a new tyre at 6500km for the first time. They are cheaper than most tyres so you feel less "precious" about their lifespan.

For Tubeliss fronts I love the TKC80. It has a higher profile than most TL ready tyres and they perform well in sand and on dirt, Mud might become a problem.

I have never used the MotoZ but I understand people are getting great service from them.

As a sidenote and something I have now been convinced by experience from myself and @weskus is that medium duty tubes are the answer to tubed tyres. The 2.5mm Michelin and 3.0mm Dunlops have serviced me brillaintly. They don't run too hot like EXTRA heavy duty tubes (4.0-5.0mm) and still have a good feel to them.
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