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Author Topic: New Zealand...Fire 'n Ice'05 part1  (Read 726 times)

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New Zealand...Fire 'n Ice'05 part1
« on: September 15, 2006, 01:46:00 pm »
Looks like many enjoyed the Tassie Thrills 'n Spills story, hang onto your armchairs for this one.  :lol:
It'll be split into 12 parts (threads) to make it easier for those on slower connections (but still be a chore on 56 modems), sorry for that and sorry for stuffing you around with the Tassie story.
In between, I'll try to do homework and post links into each thread to inter-connect the various parts.
It all starts in Melbourne, shipping out our bikes to NZ.

Let's rock...


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New Zealand...Fire 'n Ice'05 part1
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2006, 01:46:26 pm »
Nearly 18 months in the planning?
5 whole weeks of bliss?shipping the bikes with Dave Milligan (www.getrouted.com.au) to Christchurch, then taking the best of the New Zealand's roads for a ride-to-remember.
Shipping 5 bikes, Nigel from Ballarat and Jimbo from Hawaii organized hire-bikes for their shortened 2-week tag-along. Moira and Billy with a little Toyota Echo.
Of course it had to rain the day we had to present CLEAN bikes for shipping:

Virgin Pacific goofed it's way through the bookings, "arranging" for part of the group to arrive a day later in Christchurch.

Pick up in Christchurch, Dave "praying" all is fine...it was.

The bikes had to go through a technical inspection after they were unloaded from the container and here the fun began:

Dave sent us to a place nearby with which he'd organized the inspection of our 5 bikes that morning.
Meeting some others the night before who'd had their bikes shipped and seen the tester-guy that day, told of the tester very nearly dropping a Duke ST4 as he wanted to test ride the bike 'to make sure the speedo works".
Didn't make it 10 feet out of the drive before nearly dumping it.

We rolled up at the tyre place doing the tests and the V-Strom rolled into the left inspection bay. Lights/horn?check, a rattle on a foot peg ?.then out came the torch and he crouched down at the front of the bike shining the torch into the  fairing....????? Eh?
"Just checking the head bearings !!!"
He must be having me on!!!

Apparently they were fine, the torch didn't show him anything wrong.  
Bike passed.

Next the GSXR-1000: Tim walks up to him, telling him "no ride on my bike".
Consternation is the result, the hair comes up...
Usual stuff, then "how many klicks has she done?"   38.000 km...
"Pretty close to a rebuilt then, all Jappers need a total rebuilt around 40.000 km !!"
Then the head-bearing-torch check, this time from the top...


Next the 1900 km "old" Guzzi.
"Can't pass it, it's got a leaking exhaust"
"yeah, right there !" WHERE??? "there" WHERE??????????????
Out comes his benevolent side and the bike is passed after I start to get the 10mm spanner out to tighten a TIGHT (any more and you'd squash the pipe) exhaust clamp.

Then the R1 (shit, it's near 50.000 km...let's hope we get it out of the drive before it falls to bits not having had it's 40.000 total rebuilt, eh?)
"Left fork seal is leaking!" WOT? "Look here, feel it" (rubbing his fingers together, feeling the "oil").
Doing the same, I come up with a drop of WATER, also rubbing the fingers together... "What's that there?" (pointing at the oggy-knobs)?

Oh Mama!! Pleeeease... it's starting to hurt now.?

Last the Pegaso...he'd never seen one of those and passed it without a hitch.

At this stage it was near to impossible to hold on and NOT kick the fuggwit up the arse....or alternatively just roll down that concrete driveway bursting with laughter...

Then we get the rap about testers sticking their necks out if passing shonky stuff and how dangerous it all is.... it was hilarious. For anyone desperate for a good laugh...this place is HIGHLY recommendable. Anyone after a career as a NZ WoF (Warrant of Fitness)-tester? Buy a torch?and you?ve got the job !!

Dave took the time to play guide and get us out of Christchurch smoothly, thanks mate.
Eventually it all came together at the end of the first day in Oxford (about 60 km west of Christchurch), the publican had organized a smorgasbord for 9...on a day the pub is normally closed. And it was great.
Whadda ya mean " the kitchen sink?"

Meet up of everyone...

The Holiday Park in Ashley Gorge (close to Oxford) is certainly recommendable as a first/ last night's stay, being only 60 km from Christchurch via some nice, open country roads.

Next morning we were finally off, the weather good, dry roads and spectacular scenery as a background.
Breakfast at the Oxford-Pub...the poor publican faced by a hungry mob.

The sharp, chiselled contours of the mountain ranges spell "volcanic" loud and clear.

A Kea tried it's luck on Jimbo's bike-boot at the top of Arthur's Pass and would've succeeded if not heavily discouraged; persistent buggers they are and not afraid at all.

Goodie and Jimbo... the heart and soul of the bunch.

The weather was holding as we turned off the main road to Greymouth just after Jacksons, turning north via Moama and Stillwater around Lake Brunner to Greymouth. Oblivious to another turnoff everyone kept moving along pretty swiftly?.until the road turned to gravel just after 2 consecutive one-lane bridges?.and the rear-end of the bike started to have it's own ideas, fully loaded, at a 100kph plus :))
Up the garden path, hehe

The first intro to the always present topic: GRAVEL?.EVERYWHERE AND ANYTIME.

Next: part 2