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Author Topic: 21 Feb. 2009 A treasure around the corner! Sicily - Italy  (Read 501 times)

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21 Feb. 2009 A treasure around the corner! Sicily - Italy
« on: February 23, 2009, 11:19:06 pm »



Motorcycles used: Bmw Bmw-1200R GS 1200 GS Adventure

Milestones: Palermo-Monreale-Sammartino of Scale-Palermo

Nations visited: Italy

Regions visited: Sicily

Km covered: 60
Duration: 1 / 2 day

After the weather unusual for Sicily and Palermo especially where snow has whitened all the mountains around the city, finally today is back to shine the sun, even if the temperature remains lower than the seasonal average. E 'da time watching from the balcony of my house on the mountain above Monreale, Monte Caputo, I pass by the head to visit the castle that overlooks the entire Conca D'oro, commonly known as Castellaccio. At 09.00 we leave together with prejudice towards the town of Monreale and then continue on Via Regione Siciliana connecting the town of San Martino delle Scale. The air is crisp and beginning to enjoy a fantastic view. But after about 4 km to the surprise. An entire section of road with the recent rain has surrendered and came down! Nothing to do not pass. We must go back to San Martino delle Scale. Back and take the old mule track that connects a road course Calatafimi L. Da Vinci comes to the small airport for Boccadifalco Monreale then head towards the opposite side. On board there is still a lot of road and snow on the crest of the mountains. We stop in San Martino for a good coffee, and soon after we arrive at the fork to Monreale. The indication Abbazia di San Martino delle Scale in front of us is a call not too big to stop. I will have had about 12 years the last time I was here. Founded in 590 and then destroyed by the Arabs, was rebuilt in 1347 by Archbishop Spinola. The beautiful wooden church of 1591 as well as countless works of art. The Abbey consists of many buildings built over time and broad porches and courtyards where there are beautiful fountains and statues. Walk in the quiet of the corridors, in the silence of the terraces, in the oasis of the gardens are really savored the essence of these places. With pleasant surprise to discover that one of the salons is set an extraordinary exhibition of masterpieces of art from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. including a splendid Peter Novelli be left speechless. After visiting start towards finally Monreale to visit the famous "Castellaccio" on Mount Caputo. At about 4 km on the road Reg. Sicily right in front of a house Cantoniera abandoned the path that leads to the castle through a beautiful walk up to about 700/800 meters. Parking the bike at the trail and we move along the zig zag climb of moderate difficulty. The panorama is superb. In short we reach the summit just below the castle 766 meters above sea level. Built by William II of Altavilla in the twelfth century. in defense of the Saracen invasions was run by Benedictine monks and has six imposing towers that make it majestic. The visit inside is managed by the Club Alpino by reservation and for this we have to fly to take a trip outside. Turned the corner we can find. A magnificent view 360 degrees of the Conca D'Oro by Altofonte Mondello. The visibility is exceptional and you can clearly see in the order of peaks Madonie Nebrodi and His Majesty The etna! Given the uphill and the sun that beats there was thirsty, and then as the best opportunity to eat the fresh, clean snow. We enjoy relaxing in this beautiful place. After about an hour falling along the path to the motion. From above we saw that there is a dirt road in good condition that comes on the opposite side of the castle than the path on a large yard. Found the way to climb a short but then we are forced to turn back, unfortunately, a gate prohibits transit and there is no chance of passing. Who wants to visit the castle must do so on foot. It 'time for lunch and just a few miles on the right we decide to stop at the restaurant "San Martino" via Reg Sicilian n.106 - tel. 091,418,149th Welcome to the friendly and affectionate Ms Rosi with its 83 years (.. that does not show!). We stopped for a simple pasta dish, and finally we made starters out of panelle sfincione and home made pasta to matriciana, roast meat mixture and finish with a flourish of apple pie daughter el'immancabile coffee! I would advise you to make a leap. At the next
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