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Author Topic: An Ode to my KTM  (Read 954 times)

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An Ode to my KTM
« on: September 29, 2006, 01:39:55 pm »
Hi - so as I start auctioning off parts of my Katoom - Akras, tyres, chains, sprockets, panniers, etc and get ready to set sail sometime in the next year, I thought it would be most befitting to offer an ode to the almighty Katoom, similar to the Dakar that was stolen.

If you will allow this moment of "verlang en hartseer".......

The day I got it ............

The stuff I got with the bike.. extras!

Washing her - full of pride

Remove the stupid looking spots on the crashbars, and ready for the ride with the 2x HP2 and 1200 and 1150!

Here we go!

Less than 10 minutes later......... crash into the blunt back end of a mx jump over a ditch at over 100km/h. This is within 24 hrs of owning it

Those Hepco Bekker bars are the shiznit

Within 4 hours

A couple of weeks

After 6 weeks of crutches, and having a main ligament gone forever on my ankle, I get these from the States  :lol:

And these

errrrrr..... before getting the boots, this was the first ride back on the bike. R300 Brackenfell.

Full lock sideways stop

Small jump

First Grabouw ride, with ol Toren Wings, who came 9th this year I think in the GS Challenge

I then couldnt handle the Katooms power on the road. I felt edgy and nervous. Plus, my handlebars would go into headshake when released at any speed under 80 odd if I remember correctly. They would rip out, if hitting a pothole or bump at that speed. Something was wrong. Turned out to the Scorpions. But in the meantime, no better place to roadtrain than the RooiEls road. Standing at Hangklip

Overtook 12 out of 15 superbike riders in a group on Clarence Drive, it was great.

With McDuff and Mango

Then, it was time for a forum ride, meet the members. We did a Spes Bona, and surrounds ride. The bike was screaming like a banshee. That day was marked by huge winds. It even blew the Katoom down sadly.

We did some training at the area behind the Velodrome. Emergency stops etc. Twas fun and McDuff did the biggest wheelie ever on the short steep rampup. Was great to witness. We then went onto to Heins place and stopped off to have fun  :?  in the sand. It was blistering hot. I almost blacked out

Masehares F650 died (battery it turned out) and the faithfl Katoom dragged her out. The blimey had the bike locked in gear though despite assurances to be in neutral

Absolutely stuffed. Check us sitting in our bikes shadows. Cant explain the heat. We were both dehydrated pretty badly.

The very next day - Sunday - I set off on this 560km loop ride into the Karoo. It was double hot, and I really shouldnt have gone. My dehydration crept upwards, and though I consumed 5litres of liquid that day, I was dead. Not a good riding day for me.

This was the most difficult sandbed i ever rode in. Short, but so hot, and the sand like castor sugar. Heres the Bimmer struggling

The Katoom resting in the shade

The route for that day

Then it was off to Grabouw

I then invited McDuff, Mango and Hilde and Mark and this forum to Grabouw for the weekend.

It was Hildes first ever ride on the bike. It was quite an initiation

She is 6foot4, and I am around 5ft 10 to 11, and so with her standing on the pegs, it took some adapting.

I quite literally peed myself

The bike lapping it up

it was beautiful terrain

Smoke break

What a good bike

Then it was time for modifications

Something learnt on AdvRider


Also, this: EPC and SAS removal. This meant that the bike had no more restrictions in power, in 2nd gear. And would help in reducing popping

The twin carbs. I adjusted fuel screw mixture and cleaned jets and adjusted the clips on the needles too

This one is for KE - this was the extent of garbage on my radiator

SAS crap removed

Blanking plates put on

Cut and grinded away and glued into place - the Sommers Door mod

errr. which goes where?  :lol:

Doing the TSB myself on the Stator bolts - thanks Maverick for organising the Gasket etc. Awesome

Rocking and Rolling

All back together again - spot on

Right - lets ride! more to come later


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An Ode to my KTM
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2006, 04:22:12 pm »
Black Beauty... the Beast.  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:

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An Ode to my KTM
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2006, 04:38:11 pm »
Thank you  :cry:  Please don't go
100001 110010 1101010

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One way!
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2006, 06:12:46 pm »
There is only one way to keep this legacy going mate!   :)  Get another scoot with the Mattighofen logo on the side.   :D  You do Mr Kronreif proud!   8)  And I am sure Mr Trunkenpolz will advise either 990 Adv (pref) or if you really have to it could be the SE.  :shock:  But the Logo is most important!  Do it!  :roll:  :idea:

Enjoy! Thanks for some great pics!

Riding a bike is not just about riding the bike....
Do not believe everything you think....


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An Ode to my KTM
« Reply #4 on: September 29, 2006, 07:05:51 pm »
NO!!!!!!!   Don't go....   Ride more,  and post the pics for us!!!
keep 'em commin' :shock:  :)

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An Ode to my KTM
« Reply #5 on: October 01, 2006, 10:21:34 pm »
Thanks Fellas

Heres more

So, lying in one morning with the GF after breakfast, I asked, what the freken heck are we going to do for the weekend? Well...... lets go to Knysna! Cool. We quickly foned a friend who rides a superbike thing, and cajoled him into taking Hildes flat mate. By 11am, we were all packed, and ready to go.

Number plate off, ready to roll after the major cop stop. Half way to Knysna

Taking the girls in turns through the mud. Doing it real slow so as to build up confidence. This was at a truck stop outside MosselBay, Engen garage. En route

Nothing better  :?  than hitting Plettenberg Bay beach in full length gear.

Hildes the only girl in the world almost I reckon who can flatfoot the Katoom like this

Kids didnt admire the superbike, but the dirty ass KayTeeM - heads at Knysna

Travelling 100 kays to get trout for Dinner - Plett via St Josephs Pass or something

Moving on the same trip to BaviaansKloof

Time to put up camp. This is after a hornet/wasp thing got caught in my mesh jacket and I tried to kill it for around 5 minutes. I was so lucky he didnt zing me. In the Baviaans

Nearly ramped on this rock till he moved

Met up with some cool dudes. Waiting here for the Dakar rider to join us



Met up with these indigents, in the finest of surroundings, Hogsback

Down somewhere on the coast - Michnus, wife, Hilde, I, and Karin


This baby got us back home in one piece - the weekend idea turned into a 10 day spree of exploring, baie lekker

Michnus admiring a real bike  :wink:

Experienced this on the trip, and wondered what would happen. False alarm it turned out to be

But this happened after buggering around hard in the sand, showing the Bimmer boys how to ride  :wink:  :wink:  :wink:

I also decided to try and make the rims tubeless

Breaking bead

Both Katooms high and dry

Mine was silicone over the spoke rubber band, didnt work

I decided to paint my wheel at the same time

Mister, I break my leg in 3 places soon after i get my bike, Alan and the two baarks

Trying to seat the bead

Eventually gave up after even trying bedliner. The application process wasnt good, and we had no control over that, so we left it for a better day, wiser in our ways.

Next up = Geelbek Naweek

Hilde tricks the night before we go to this booked event, and tells me her arm is fractured after did some wrestling

She works as a physio and so it wasnt hard to get a fake ass cast

In her garage, ready to roll

Worcester - it was snowing on the mountains and it was COLD

Everyone gathers

After days riding

Yeehaw!!!!!!!! Bouncing off the rev limiter

Myself and Hilde were in the front there somewhere. This was huge fun

The purple scarfed baldy is Dawie, who can wheelie like no one else I know, and yet looks like he cant ride a pasola. Excellent skills

Next  - Meeting up with Kamanya, AmaRR, Wheelie and Missus, who didnt stick around long

Just some action shots, enjoy

Dislodging hidden concrete with my bashplate. Check the chip out of the corner

A nice sequence.

Next up was a dump in the water and I drowned the KTM. This was with Hilde on the back, and evidence is still there months later, even today, at the Plattekloof onramp onto the N7 heading to Goodwood. That was an expensive drown, everything had to be redone.

As a thanks to Jimmy, I played tourguide through a bit of WestBeach and surrounds.

This is Jimbo heading up for a ramp


My turn

Lets race!

I then fell on the way back. Heres a result

As a result, I decided to do a pretty up job on the bike. Heres what the swingarm looked like with pitted aluminium the day I got it.

Heres what it looked like afterward

I then prettied her up for 60hrs of workmanship and it got taken out by a bloke running a red light in town.

Irony is: I got into town maybe once a month if that, and I came from a great meeting, going through town, and BAM! Bike written off.

Some pics

Doesnt look bad. But headstock, forks, yoke, and rear swingarm, subframe etc etc, all bent

Took the insurance settlement and now considering next steps  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:

Twas a great bike, huge performance, my girlfriend loved it more than me sometimes I reckon and it did everything I was told it wouldnt. One of them was reliability. The Katoom was as realiable as my Dakar, and I did crazier shit on the KTM than the BMW. I am sad its gone, but also maybe its a good thing as my body is still trying to heal from the damage done that I have picked up riding the bike.

Long live Adventure, Long live the KTM, and Long live my BLACK BEAST....


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An Ode to my KTM
« Reply #6 on: October 01, 2006, 10:56:48 pm »
To the Black Beast!!  :wav:

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An Ode to my KTM
« Reply #7 on: October 03, 2006, 06:04:53 am »
Nice one George - classic times, crazy days!  :D

Too bad it's gone, but I'm sure somehow your adventures will continue....

BTW if those jumbo H&B panners need a home........! :P
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An Ode to my KTM
« Reply #8 on: October 03, 2006, 01:40:04 pm »
Prost Black Beast

Lito, i'll keep my ear to the ground for a decently priced 950 :wav:

Some people just fit the right bike like a glove....

Lekka mate