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Author Topic: WC Traffic Cop - Judge Dredd - Mr Sinclair  (Read 7502 times)

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Re: WC Traffic Cop - Judge Dredd - Mr Sinclair
« Reply #240 on: June 09, 2009, 11:47:17 pm »
Hagar, you make valid points, but pulling someone over and giving him a fine for his headlight switched off is purely malicious. If the headlight did not work, then IR had a case. This shows that IR is intent on fining you regardless.
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Re: WC Traffic Cop - Judge Dredd - Mr Sinclair
« Reply #241 on: June 09, 2009, 11:54:26 pm »
I think the point made by Hagar is that its wrong to prosecute the few that are trying to do their job, and not look the other way.  This point has been raised earlier in this thread as well.  The forum will also not tolerate any kind of discussion regarding any kind of action against anybody.  This is not what we stand for and neither encourage.  I think everything that needs to be said was said on this thread.  If you have issues with this cop's behaviour, follow due process and take it up with his superiors.  Please just consider what Hagar said, we are quick to bitch and moan about crime in this country and to play the tit for tat game (the 'what about the taxis' childish game), but when an oke does his job, we cry about his 'attitude' and the fact that he is not willing 'to look the other way'.  Its time we get some respect for the law in this country again, and if it takes a Sinclair to facilitate this change, then i say good for you sir....

This thread is locked, any further Sinclair bashing will not be tolerated.  If you have issues with him, don't be a pissy and hide behind your virtual persona in numbers, be a man and take the law on the chin or take it up with his superiors in person.