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Author Topic: Q for the WD's in Cape Town  (Read 361 times)

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Q for the WD's in Cape Town
« on: June 07, 2009, 01:40:42 pm »
Salaam and good afternoon everybody.

Yesterday I went for a cruise on the bike down the R27, taking the dirt road on the right just past Koeberg, where the Sky-Diving club is.  There was a jeep track on the left hand side that I rode along for a while.  The fence running on the right-hand side eventually ended up on the left, but I found where the trails crossed and the fence was missing.  Anyway, the area on the right hand side was a restricted SADF area.  Now I'm not wanting to go in there, so can anyone tell me about the area on the left-hand side?  Are folk allowed to ride around in there, or do we need to obtain permission from someone??

Otherwise, for a first trip in the dirt it was entertaining.  Figuring the Battle-for-grip-wings on the bike were not going to deal with too much, it didn't get too technical.  Did hit some nice thick sand and that was pretty fun, although at one stage I thought I would need to push the bike up the sandy hill.  Luckily the bike bit enough to get me up there.....  One other question: on the f658GS, the stock rear suspension has a rebound adjustment.  If the rebound adjuster is turned all the way out, then is the rebound rate as slow as it will go?  Or did I get it arse about face? I ask  because I noticed the back wheel seriously struggling for contact with the road, especially over the typical ripple bumps one would get on a dirt road.


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Re: Q for the WD's in Cape Town
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2009, 09:05:18 pm »
 on the 650 GS - All the way out (anticlockwise) is no rebound control (ie no dampening) - makes you bounce around like a pogo stick.
IMO - best for off road - keep the preload on max (unless you ride VERY slowly  ;D ) and then rebound - 1 &1/2 turns in from full out (3 &1/2 is the max amount in from full out). (- I weigh 74 kg, but actually, it doesn't matter unless you are super light or super heavy)) More in for Tar if you ride alot of tar and you feel it wallowing alot.

If yolu want to ride sand, come along to atlantis on a ride sometime. There are also a cool number of rides (how legal i dunno) in the area you talking about and further up the coast. Keep an eye on the planning a trip section.  :thumleft:
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