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Author Topic: A Day ------Ooooooh to be Young Again.  (Read 2719 times)

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Re: A Day ------Ooooooh to be Young Again.
« Reply #40 on: October 19, 2009, 10:29:44 pm »
so come on guys, spill the beans, what did you all think of the Husky TE 610?  :deal:
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Re: A Day ------Ooooooh to be Young Again.
« Reply #41 on: October 20, 2009, 06:38:49 am »
so come on guys, spill the beans, what did you all think of the Husky TR 610?  :deal:
Hi Wes-- i may be biased that this is one of my own bikes. But just my 2c worth.

Far more stable than any of the other bikes.
Does not give the same power as the 690e--But ALL the power on the back wheel hooks up well and you do not get wheelspin.
Very good components--Magura levers-Brembo brakes--If you did not know you would say that they were taken off the KTM--The same components.
The Husky is R10k cheaper. Better suspension than the 690e--But remember the 690 was not set up and was stock settings.
Need to uncork the Husky when it is run in---Tight as hell and restricted.
Both the Husky and KTM are very economical.
Husky is Not for short people.
Huskies more DS orientated in my opinion.
Services from the agents are cheaper on the Huskies.
Although there is only 1kg difference in the bikes the Husky does feel heavier than the KTM. I like it as it give me confidence to put it in a corner and gas it.
The KTM's front end is just too light for me( as i said the suspension was not set up.)
Seat on the Husky softer than the KTM.
Gear ratio on the Husky is just the way it should be  ;)All six gears.
The KTm will make a long tar road VERY short--if your arse will survive.
Both motors are as smooth as one can ever wish for.
Vibration ? Husky Hardly any. The Ktm is also very smooth.
Husky is a little lower on the revs.
Rear brake piston--Husky --Protected. KTM--Needs to be looked at.
Side panels etc. Husky wins this hands down as far as i am concerned--Thicker and better quality.
Sidestand on the Husky  ??? What were they thinking :o Well its coming off and i will do the mod that needs to be done.
KTM software --mapping needs to be done with factory equipment.
Husky--software can be bought with the cables and downloaded onto a laptop and you can do this yourself and save serious moola. About R600 fro the CD and cables.
Aftermarket accessories--Husky has been arround long enough and have more than you can dream of.
The Husky is also for someone who wants to maintain his bike himself. Very easy to work on and service yourself.
Backup from importers--KTM most probably wins hands down. Hope BMW sort out there new purchase.
But i must say that everything for everyday use is freely available.
I am sure the 690r has better suspension than the E from the specs i have seen on it.

I must be getting on in years or just getting careful. 10- years ago i would not have hesitated to buy something like a 690 E Hooligan machine. ::)

 Nowdays i Ride Slower to go Faster and let the bike and suspension rather work for me. Maybe that is why i choose the Husky for a smoother ride. I do not need the speed no longer. If a bike with good suspension can do 160kmph on gravel then i am more than happy

Not every bike will suite every rider out there. Some bikes are just made for some people and others Not. Saw with the testing who liked what and how quick one or two of the riders became comfortable on different bikes that they have never ridden before. Myself--i would not have chosen the Husky 5 years ago. Today it is The bike for me. It has its niggles like all bikes do--but nothing that can not be rectified.
Niggles on the Husky.
Restricted exhaust.
Air box breather needs to be duct taped closed when entering very deep water( some people never ride in deep water.)
Clutch cable to be alinged properly.

The rest  :mwink:

My favourite for the day for the type of riding we were doing   ::) My 450 TE.

I think one needs to remember that the 690 KTM was built as a serious Rally Bike.NOT for the people who suffer from Poepol and Heart attacks when riding. A special bike for a special breed of rider. Both these bikes have suspension superior to any 600-700cc bike out there. Suspension comes off tested rally and race bikes.

For those who love the feel of a XR and do not want to go with the flow--The Husky will be a good choice
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Re: A Day ------Ooooooh to be Young Again.
« Reply #42 on: October 20, 2009, 05:52:22 pm »
Thanks for a very informative read  :thumleft:
Some serious food for thought there.