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Author Topic: 09-11 October 2009 - Catania surroundings and the Castle of Donnafugata-Italy  (Read 518 times)

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Stages: Palermo-Catania-Enna-action-Aci Castello-Nicolosi-Zafferana Etnea-Castle-Donnafugata Scoglitti-Gela-Palermo

Nations visit: Italy

Visited regions: Sicily

Km covered: 760

Duration: 3 days

09/10/2009 (km 270) last weekend has arrived, the weather is perfect we can do is get on it to our bikes to the discovery of another glimpse of this wonderful Sicily. To 15.45 as my dear friend Victor, a companion of many adventures on the road. It starts in the direction of Catania, along the highway. A brief stop to refuel and soon we reach the height of Enna, where we take the SS121 direction Agira. The light is already low and the scenery magnificent. Along the way very few cars (photo DSC 01-29). After a stop at Nissoria for a coffee and a great slice of chocolate cake, quickly come to Agira (EN) http://www.comune.agira.en.it/. The country is dominated by the magnificent medieval castle. It is believed that already existed at the time of Sicani on the top a building. In 1354 the castle was home to Louis Aragon. From the view is superb. A magnificent view of Lake Regalbuto and all the surrounding territory (photo DSC 50-81). Along the road that winds through the historic center to the castle, its many monuments including the beautiful Abbey of the tenth century. (photo DSC 43-49). It is late and unfortunately we have to go, since we meet at Aci Castello, where we will base for our weekend. The sun is setting before us an incredible show us company until arrival at destination (photo DSC 84-101). Drop off your luggage to depart towards the center of Catania. A few miles waiting for my friend Pio and his partner too motorcyclists (photo DSC 105-109). We know web and finally we have opportunity and pleasure of spending an evening together. I take this opportunity to thank them for their hospitality and warm welcome. The group joined other boys, that will make us company throughout the evening. After a big blowout on the basis of local and parked the bikes underneath the Dome, will spend a pleasant evening around the beautiful historic city of Catania (photo DSC 114-176). Tired but happy, we return to Aci Castello, tomorrow we expect a long day.

10/10/2009 (km 110) Just get up, immediately check the time. Still a beautiful sunny day. He took the bike and walk to the historic center. Along the way stop in a bar for a good breakfast and above all for a good coffee to start the day. Park your bike back near the Dome, we devote the whole morning to visiting this magnificent city http://www.comune.catania.it/ Our tour begins with the lively and picturesque fish market, just a stone's throw from the square (photo DSC 180-206), then continue through the Duomo (photo DSC 208-213) (photo DSC 238-264) (photo DSC 364-376). Beautiful chapel dedicated to Saint Agatha the patroness of the city and the monumental grave of Bellini. Then again, the Collegiate (photo DSC 230-237), University Square (photo DSC 220-227), Piazza Bellini and the theater (photo DSC 265-274), the Roman Amphitheater (photo DSC 286-291), the magnificent Church of the Benedictines (photo DSC 298-308), the Greek Theater recently restored and opened to the public (photo DSC 310-320) and finally the majestic Castello Ursino the thirteenth century. After a long walk so it's time to eat a little something and so we sit at the restaurant Trattoria Sapori di Sicilia, just behind the Town Hall. Soup of mussels, sardines warbler and penne with swordfish and fennel make our stay very tasty! (photo DSC 377-382). After such a big blowout we need to take a bit of fresh air, so after the ubiquitous coffee we decided to make a detour to his "Majesty Etna. He took the bike and walk to Nicolosi and through the SP 92 walk up to Etna South, until the cable car to Rifugio Sapienza (photo DSC 392-464). Etna is covered by a thick cloud and suddenly the sun disappears, making it even more lunar landscape. At the top after a brief stop, we visit the Silvestri Craters at an altitude of 1,986 (photo DSC 468-479). Going back towards Zafferana Etnea. The sun peeps through the clouds in a beautiful landscape (photo DSC 481-540), and then suddenly give place to a thick fog (photo DSC 547-550). Again reached the sea, the sun returns to shine. E 'which is now a nice nap on a beautiful evening to spend in lively night Catania. In the evening for dinner, we arrive on a plebiscite, famous for its many shops where you can eat the excellent horse meat. After exaggerated, as our usual back downtown where we will spend the rest of the evening.

11/10/2009 (km 380) 09.00 Catania leave and head to the beautiful castle of Donnafugata in the province of Ragusa. Along the SS194 met so many bikes. Despite the day is not the best, it seems that we all decided to take a walk on the road. From parts of Lentini we stop for breakfast. Along the way, a beautiful house forces me to stop for some photos and a little farther on the funny cows to pasture, are photographed regardless of our presence (photo DSC 561-587). In short, we reach the Castle of Donnafugata (DSC picture 589-709) http://www.comune.ragusa.it/castello/01castello.htm The sun is shining, and returned to the heat. Park your bike and made the tickets for the palace tour, after a brief introduction of the guide on the history of the manor and the life of Baron Francesco Maria Arezzo, on whose story Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa drew inspiration for his Leopard, we visit the splendid rooms inside, still furnished with period furniture and then have a good walk in the splendid park of several hectares of the castle. The stomach begins to rumble, just before the restart to return home, we decide to dine at the restaurant of the castle, just outside the manor. Cuisine is excellent and especially abundant at a very affordable price (photo DSC 711-716). After the inevitable coffee, we put ourselves in motion, we expect about 320 kms to reach their destination. Scoglitti cross and headed for Gela. The road is completely deserted (photo DSC 717-719). We reach the highway, now our weekend is indeed over. The next
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