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Author Topic: Brain-cooling helmet revealed  (Read 205 times)

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Brain-cooling helmet revealed
« on: December 16, 2009, 02:27:26 pm »

From http://www.wheels24.co.za/Content/BikesQuads/BikingNews/71/d73d29c5f45d439d802e38968073391e/01-12-2009-09-11/Brain-cooling_helmet_revealed

Groundbreaking technology that helps saves motorcyclists’ lives is always welcome news, and the ThermaHelm falls very much in that category.

It works on the premise that following a severe impact to the head, an instant ice pack greatly prevents swelling of the brain (and with that the risk of long-term brain damage or death). It also gives paramedics and emergency teams a couple of vital extra minutes to perform their life-saving skills.

Although the invention is at prototype stage, it has prompted significant interest from motorcycle helmet manufacturers around the world.

The development team , led by a UK inventor J. J. Preston-Powers, believes the brain-cooling device can be adapted for other at-risk activities where helmet use is necessary. The technology has been praised by the UK Government’s Trade and Investment division, who are working with the ThermaHelm team to reach international markets.

“It has long been recognised that neurological deterioration in trauma victims is dramatically reduced when a hypothermic state is induced,” says Preston-Powers. “Medical practitioners have made use of this knowledge by deliberately inducing mild hypothermia in patients prior to emergency treatment or during surgical operations. It causes the body’s vital functions to slow down, thus reducing the chances of brain damage occurring in the patient.”

To create the instant ice pack, the inventor used two light-weight and non-toxic chemical packs which have been integrated into the helmet lining. These packs rely on multiple trigger points which activate the cold pack upon impact.

According to the company, the inclusion of the technology will increase the price of a helmet by around R1 600. ThermaHelm branded helmets will also be available with a carbon fibre construction, and will deploy several other technologies. These include a front and rear micro-cameras which can record 60 seconds pre-impact video onto a MicroSD card, an LED indicator that warns when the chemical pack has been activated and a double-layer visor which prevents fogging.
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